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高服务,高品质,高价值 - A Beauty Academy

高服务,高品质,高价值 - A Beauty Academy

Posted: Wed Nov 18 2015

高服务,高品质,高价值A Beauty Academy

倘若您对美容有兴趣,但是却因为没有很好的平台使您精湛的手艺无从发挥,这里有好消息给您哦!在新山,有一间美容学院是以partnership 为主,专门为美容师而设立的平台。他们可以在这里发挥精湛的专业技术以及拥有舒适的工作环境. A Beauty Academy主张的是中西合并的疗法,以及通过养生达到美容效果的概念。至于院长本身也会不断地自立提升顾客们的美容意识,让顾客在享受美丽的当儿,也能懂得养生美容的益处。

If you are interested in cosmetic therapy, but you don’t have a good platform to unleash your true potential and skill, well, there is good news for you! At Johor Bahru, there is a beauty and cosmetic centre which run the business based on partnership and it is a platform for cosmeticians exclusively. A Beauty Academy is the place where cosmeticians can fully utilized their excellent and professional skills under a conductive environment. A Beauty Academy is adapting the method of the eastern and western therapy essence, so that true beauty can achieve by practicing regimen. As for the principal, since the very first day of A Beauty Academy’s establishment she never stops raising the customers’ awareness and knowledge of cosmetic so that they learn how to achieve long lasting beauty through regimen.


美容院的主打风格为极简奢华,让顾客感受到高贵且不夸张,安逸舒适,并且没有压迫感地享受每一项服务。而A Beauty Academy更是提供了一个舒适的环境给予所有美容师,让他们能够拥有自己的事业,拥有自由的工作时间,这样一来他们便可以继续成为美容师,兼顾家庭和事业。

When we take a closer look at the interior of the centre, it is pretty luxurious yet not exaggerate and comfortable to being there. The customers are able to enjoy every moment in the centre without any stress or tension. In fact, this is a place called “home for the cosmeticians” as the cosmeticians are able to work under a carefree environment with flexible working hour so they can take good care of their family without giving up to be a cosmetician.

在A Beauty Academy的美容师,个个都是经验5年以上的专业美容师,老师本身更是拥有15年以上的美容经验呢!只要是来到这里享受美容护理的顾客,他们都能够在变美的过程中额外提升关于“美”的知识,并且学习对于美容和养生的小技巧。基于院长和美容师们的坚持,从开始营业至今,获益的顾客已经不胜枚举。美容师们也会在疗程后,定期拨电给顾客了解最新的状况。同时,美容师们也会通过电话一一解答顾客们的疑问,让顾客能够妥善地处理自己的状况。假如有需要的话,他们也会帮忙顾客安排疗程。

All of the cosmeticians in A Beauty Academy are having experience of being cosmetician for 5 years and above. The tutor herself is even having 15 years of cosmetic practice experience! Besides therapy, the customers are able to gain their knowledge about beauty and regimen through the sharing by cosmeticians. Countless number of customers have gained benefit through this type of sharing method. After the therapy session, the cosmeticians will contact the clients from time to time so that they can get customers’ latest update. Cosmeticians will answer the customers’ inquiries patiently so that they can handle the minor problems on their own. If the problem is beyond customers’ capability, appointment can be made in time to handle it promptly.

A Beauty Academy 的服务,基本上可以分为好几类,他们有提供脸部护理,美容保健服务,脸部美颜拨筋,脱毛服务和等等。A Beauty Academy 的美颜拨筋护理,是他们最具有代表性,最受欢迎的护理。美颜拨筋护理能够从脸部到身体达到内调外养,由里至外散发自然美的效果。根据古代中医记载,一个人的脸部将呈现出体内五脏六腑的问题。通过脸部美颜拨筋护理,身体将能通过经络排毒,解决体内的内部问题改善其机能来提升脸部的气色。其实,顾客们在A Beauty Academy所得到的并不只局限于美容护理,最让他们受益良多的其实就是调理身体的观念。基于时间的局限,现代的女性都鲜少注重养生,加上重重压力,女性开始靠着微整形来美化脸部。但是,任何的护理,疗程和整形都是一时的帮助,可以让“美”更永恒的,唯有通过养生:调理生活作息,饮食问题,在日常生活中通过养生小技巧改善自己的脸部气色等等。美容师们也会毫无保留地教导女性如何调理身体和养生。

The services at A Beauty Academy can be categorized into several types. For cosmetic services, they are the professional in facial treatment, cosmetic health care, facial nerve massage, facial hair removal treatment and so on. Their cosmetic nerve massage is their most popular and iconic service. The cosmetic nerve massage is rejuvenating the whole body inside out, cultivating the true beauty through achieving ideal healthiness. According to the writings of ancient book of Chinese Medicine, our face is the place where we can see our internal physiological problems. By using facial nerve massage therapy, we can expel the body toxic by triggering and enhancing the lymphatic drainage. Reduction in bodily toxicity is effective in improving body function and of course, our appearance.


Other than nerve massage therapy, A Beauty Academy does provide many others body therapy such as the breast scrapping therapy, a method to increase lymphatic drainage and reduce risk of getting breast cancer, adjusting bodily health through uterus therapy and many more.


此外,他们也有提供专业美容咨询 – 为每一次到来的顾客检查皮肤,让顾客亲眼见证每一次疗程的效果,同时也让顾客更加了解自己现有的肌肤状况。
至于化妆服务,A Beauty Academy所提供的服务可说是非常的专业。他们有提供新娘化妆,个人化妆,纹绣眉毛,眼线,嘴唇和等等。另外,他们彩妆服务的专业程度,在新山可以说的上是数一数二的哦!

Besides, their consultation in professional manner is one of the reasons why customers are coming back for more. Every time the customers arrived, the cosmeticians will do a throughout skin condition examination so that customers will learn more about their skin condition. By doing this, the customers can witness the change with their very own eyes after treatment is being done. A Beauty Academy provides professional bridal makeup, personal makeup, eyebrows embroidery, eye lining, lips embroidery and so on. Not to be brag but their standard of service is considered as one of the top in Johor Bahru! 


顺带一提,A Beauty Academy所代理的美容和化妆产品是世界上Top 5 的品牌,并以有机植物提炼出来的精华制成产品而获得国际多项专利。

A Beauty Academy is retailing the world Top 5 brand of cosmetic and makeup products, such as producing makeup products by using the extracts of organic plants.


Don’t you worry a thing if you are an amateur in cosmetic or makeup. As long as you are having the fire of passion burning in your heart, you can always join their professional cosmetic makeup lessons. With that, you are already one step ahead to the path of professional cosmetician and makeup artist!  

Shop name: A Beauty Academy
Tel:018-9559909 / 016-7101217
Business hour:11am – 5pm
Address: 80-02, Jalan Gaya 1, Taman Gaya 81800 UluTiram, Johor.

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