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Happily Ever After Café - 以绿色,大自然为主题的休闲咖啡馆

Happily Ever After Café - 以绿色,大自然为主题的休闲咖啡馆

Posted: Mon Jun 13 2016

Happily Ever After Café 是一间位于Taman Pelangi,以大自然为主题的café。这一个住宅区的生活节奏不快,也很写意。虽然Happily Ever After Café在这里算是新开的café,但是在这短短的时间内它已经有了一定的长期顾客。

Happily Ever After cafe is a nature themed cafe located in the neighbourhood of Taman Pelangi, a slow-paced residential estate. Although considered new in town, they have already a base of regular customers. 


Using colours associated with nature (green, beige, brown), the cafe brings tranquility to customers, as if they have escaped from the hussle-and-bustle of the city. The seating is arranged in such a way that it is spaced out so that customers do not feel as if they are cramped up in a small tiny area. The garden feel of this cafe also helps customers relax and take a breather from their busy schedules.  

在你等待食物到来的当儿,这个等候的时光永远都不会沉闷。因为在Happily Ever After Café 你永远都可以找到一些逗趣的小游戏来打发时间。而一直不断地寻找新的小游戏让客人玩乐似乎也成了店主的任务之一。而你也一定要前来尝试这里风靡的游戏“哈巴狗”哦!

There are a variety of games available for customers to play with while waiting for their food to be served. This cafe is constantly expanding their variety of games to keep customers entertained. The Bull-Dog is a must play! We won't say more. 

Happily Ever After Café 的店主一向来都非常坚持着以新鲜和高品质的食材来烹煮食物。因为他认为唯有新鲜和高品质的食物能够煮出美味无比的美食。他们最畅销的食物之一“Salmon Aglio Olio”就是其中一个非常好的例子—大片的优质三文鱼以照烧酱烹煮;上等的意大利面与橄榄油、蒜米和各种各样香气逼人的香料均匀搅拌后一起摆放在大方得体的碟子上,单单是看着它的摆盘就已经让人垂涎三尺了。来到Happily Ever After Café的小孩们,当然要吃这里的儿童套餐咯!这里的儿童套餐都摆放在飞机或轿车形状的碗碟里,这么有趣的碗碟设计肯定会让小孩们兴奋不已!此外,这里的“芝士炸弹”是你非尝不可的美食哦!里面充满着芝士的芝士炸弹,一口要下去就能让你满腔都充满了浓郁无比的芝士香气,美味得把你“炸”到九天云霄之外!甚至还有最近爆红的动物汉堡-Happy 3 Friend Burger。口味分为三种:猪,鱼,鸡。

The owners of this cafe appreciates good food and uses ingredients that are fresh and of good quality. The Salmon Aglio Olio is one of the best sellers - a large portion of salmon cooked with teriyaki sauce, spaghetti stir fried with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and mixed herbs. A must have for kids will be the kids meal. The kids meal is served in a aeroplane or sports car shaped dish. Another of their specialty will be the "Cheese Bomb"! The cheesy feel of this cheese bomb will blast you off. There's even a famous animal burger -Happy 3 Friend Burger. There are three flavors: pork, fish, chicken.

另外,这里点购率非尝高的就是他们的下午茶套餐了。这一份套餐里的蛋糕和甜品都是由他们亲手制作的。这也就是为什么你每一天都能吃到不同类型的蛋糕和甜品。Happily Ever After Café的蛋糕是你绝对不能错过的美食之一。他们有多过25样蛋糕任你选择,并且满足你爱吃甜食的欲望。

The Hi-Tea sets from Happily Ever After is also a popular order. They have it catered for 2 or 4 persons. The pastries and desserts on the Hi-Tea set are all in house made and selections may differ on a daily basis. The cakes are a must-not-miss. They have a huge variety of cakes available (more than 25 choices to choose from) and it is sure to satisfy your sweet cravings. 

为了要保持顾客对于食物的期待和新鲜感,店主也会不时更换菜单里的食物,让顾客们不时都能品尝到不同的食物。除此之外,Happily Ever After Café也有承接私人或者公司派对。他们拥有私人的指定备办宴会者和装饰家,所以无论是食物或场地布置都肯定能让你满意。

The food menu at Happily Ever After changes frequently to keep customers excited and coming back to try new dishes. Happily Ever After is also available to for private parties and corporate function and have their own caterer and decorator. 

Address: No. 114, Jalan Sri Pelangi, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Our opening hours: Mondays to Saturdays: 11am to 7pm (Close on Sunday)
Contact Details: 016-7700370
Email: agnes.patisserie@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/agnespatisserie

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