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Barra Groove Coffee Bistro Bar & Grill –怀旧建筑中的新意西餐

Barra Groove Coffee Bistro Bar & Grill –怀旧建筑中的新意西餐

Posted: Fri Oct 23 2015

Barra Groove Coffee Bistro Bar & Grill –怀旧建筑中的新意西餐

成立于2014年,位于Jalan Bukit Meldrum (马新关卡附近)的Barra GrooveCoffee Bistro Bar & Grill, 如今已迈入了第二个年头。这两年里面,它备受众多客人的喜爱,更多客人更是成为了这里的常客。

Barra Groove Coffee Bistro Bar – Scrumptious Western Fares in a Nostalgic shophouse

Established in 2014, Barra Groove Coffee Bistro Bar will be celebrating its 1st Anniversary come 21st December 2015. Located in Jalan Bukit Meldrum, Barra  Groove Coffee Bistro Bar is wildly popular with its patrons.




Barra Groove Coffee Bistro Bar & Grill坐落在一间建立于1961的建筑物里。特别的是,这间建筑物从60年代到现在都依然保持原有的风貌从建筑外观到室内装潢,全部都毫无更改,散发着浓浓的怀旧气息。

Barra Groove Coffee Bistro Bar & Grill的外墙涂上了亮眼的红色漆料,从大路的另一头就看得到它那抢眼的颜色,非常容易辨别。一踏入室内,你会发现到里面都依然是现在已经很难找得到,5060年代的瓷砖和窗户。确实,这样复古的设计对于现代人来讲是挺有一番风味,毕竟现在都流行着复古风呗。复古的室内装潢,融合上各式各样的娱乐消遣设备,如桌球台,飞镖,LCD电视,小舞台等等,出乎意料地能让在里面用餐,消遣的人深深地放松下来。

Barra Groove is nestled in a refurbished old shophouse built in 1961. Much effort was expended in the renewal and the reconstruction works to retain the charms of the 1960s shophouse. 

Draped in hip Portuguese Terra Cotta Red, the scorching color on the walls of the shophouse belies the same warmth of Barra Groove. Yet, once inside, the old world charm of the shophouse with the mosaic floor immediately slowed your heart beat from a hectic day as the nostalgia washes over you. Quirkily the Barra Groove people installed a wild wild west saloon swing door to complement the cocktail bar. The east meets west juxtaposition clearly reflects the food culture that Barra Groove has to offer.




除了有着能够让人身心放松的建筑设计,Barra Groove Coffee Bistro Bar & Grill 的西餐可是好得没话说。由经验丰富的厨师掌厨,Barra Groove的每一道美食都是那么的让人垂涎三尺。从比萨,蘑菇汤,沙拉,汉堡包,烧鸡排等等。

爱吃肉的你更是可以点Meat Lovers PizzaMeat Lovers Pizza 里面有着丰富的肉类食材,如意大利辣香肠,西式腊肠,鸡肉,牛肉香肠等,搭配上浓郁香气的马苏里拉乳酪,让你的每一口都充满了丰富的滋味,回味无穷!

Superb Western Fares & Friendly Servers

Barra Groove does not just beckons you to immerse in its ambient premises, its kitchen also does not disappoint. Helmed by an enthusiastic chef, every offering on the menu at Barra Groove is prepared to make you happy. The smorgasbord of crispy thin Pizzas, creamy mushroom soup, fresh salad, charred hamburger, juicy grilled chicken chop are all simply irresistible. 

If you are a meat lover, it is recommended for you try their Meat Lovers Pizza. Draped in melty Mozzarella cheese, this pizza is stacked with pepperoni, salami, chicken, beef sausages, bell peppers and sprinkled with oregano, on a piece of thin crispy crust!


除了美食,这里的员工也非常的友善,每一个都脸带笑容,无时无刻随机待命为你提供最好的服务。顺带一提,Barra Groove的室内可是禁烟区,也就是说顾客们可以在无烟的情况下更自在地享受美酒和美食。当然,他们也在店的外头为烟客准备了私人的区域,让他们在各有个人空间的情况下用餐和吐雾。

Other than scrumptious foods, there is a wide variety of alcoholic beverages such as from Italy, France to South African and other both Old and uNew World wine, beer, liqueur and even cocktails. And if you are extra nice to their bartender he might even make you your favorite cocktails. 

With a delectable menu and beverages to please your palate  – it would be easy for you to imbibe the ambiance of Barra Groove and just let down your hair. 
Barra Groove’s servers are very friendly.  You can always see a smile on their faces and ever ready to give their undivided attention while serving you. In line with regulations, the interior of Barra Groove is non-smoking area with the smoking area for smokers at the exterior.


Barra Groove,确实是一家在怀旧的外壳,以顶级的西餐脱颖而出的西餐厅。需要放松和寻找美味西餐的你,不妨到Barra Groove试一试吧!

Barra Groove is really a wonderful pearl lying within a nostalgic shell. If you are in need of a place to relax or chill out with friends, why not just head on down to Barra Groove?

Barra Groove Coffee Bistro Bar

Address:No. 15P, Jalan Bukit Meldrum, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Business hour:
12.00pm – 12:00am (Daily)
Free Parking (over 100 carpark lots beside, ask our Crews for direction)

M  :  +60 17 280 0693
Tel:  +60 7-2210393

FB barracoffeebistro 
Website  barragroove.comm

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