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Posted: Fri Oct 16 2015

倘若你是北马人,“鸭腿面”对你来说应该非常的熟悉。在北马的美罗,鸭腿面已经有半个世纪的历史,是北马家喻户晓的美食。这源自于北马的古早味,现在已经在新山Taman Austin Height开了一家专卖店!现在就让小编为你好好地报导一番。

Ban Henng Food And Beverage – The Famous DuckDrumstick Noodle
If you are North Malaysian, then you should be familiar with the name “duck drumstick noodle. Located at Bidor and having the history of half a century, this duck drumstick noodle is so famous that almost all of the North Malaysians know its name. Now, this heavenly food from the north is available at Taman Austin Height, Johor. Let’s take a look of it then.

The branch at Johor Bahru still maintains the authentic and nostalgic style.


Originality And Authenticity In Materials – The Secret Of Ban Heng Duck Drumstick Noodle
Ban Heng Duck Drumstick Noodle of Johor Bahru is selling noodle as their main product, too. You can eat the soup with rice; or eating the drumstick with dried noodle.

Talking about the secret of its tastefulness, the boss says there is no secret in it but originality and authenticity of the materials, besides being skillful and diligent.

In addition, they only use top quality herbs to prepare the soup and it will be cook separately within individual bowl. The boss says that this is the only way to maintain the authenticity of taste, which can’t be done by stewing everything within a same pot. Well, this is pretty true as their soup is having the aroma of herbs and it taste so smooth and sweet.

Being a traditional Chinese medicinal soup, herbs duck drumstick soup is good for those who are weak, suitable for family.

Other than Ban Heng Duck Drumstick Noodle, you can eat the soup with rice; or eating the drumstick with dried noodle,chicken floss hor fun, curry chicken, oyster sauce vegetables, fried chicken wings, fried dumplings and so on for you to try.

顺带一提,满兴驰名北马鸭腿面的价钱非常公道,更加没有service charge和GST,对于身为美食客和消费者的你来讲,会不会是一举两得了呢?
Even though Ban Heng duck drumstick noodle’s price is very reasonable, there is even no service charge and GST! As a food lover and consumer, don’t you think that it is totally awesome to dine in at Ban Henng?

Ban Heng Food & Beverages
Business hour:11am-10pm,(Off every Monday, Fortnightly)
Address:41,Jalan Austin 8/1, Taman Mount Austin 81100Johor Bahru. (满兴店面位于Austin Height水上乐园和Austin Golf Club的之间新店面)

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