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Ah kum motor workshop,您汽车的良伴

Ah kum motor workshop,您汽车的良伴

Posted: Mon Oct 12 2015

Ah kum motor workshop,您汽车的良伴

如果您住在新山区一带,那么您可能对Ah kum 这个名字不陌生。老板本身拥有维修汽车经验长达40年之久。自从35年前开始营业至今,已经累积了非常多的长期客户。顾客群涵盖于 Mount Austin,Johor Jaya,Skudai,Bukit Indah,Kulai,Kota Tinggi,Masai,Seri Alam区等等。如今更是开了另一家分店,为更多客户,提供更多元化的服务.

Ah Kum Motor Workshop, your car’s best buddy

If you are living at Johor Bahru area, then the nameAh Kum shouldn’t be something new for you. The owner himself is having theexperience of car repair and maintenance for 40 years. Since the grand openingof Ah Kum on 35 years ago, the number of accumulated long term customers ismore than you can imagine! Basically, the customers are basically coming fromMount Austin, Johor Jaya, Skudai, Bukit Indah, Kulai, Kota Tinggi, Masai, SeriAlam and so on. Now they even open another branch, just to bring the betterservice to even more customers.


这里的吊车服务,是24小时on call。关于汽车以外的事宜,只需要联络她们,他们就随传随到,并直接送往本店或其他维修店。他们的吊车服务是绝对的专业,价钱也非常合理。有了他们,您不必担心会遇人不淑,特别是在这尔虞我诈的社会。

Ah kum motor workshop,被超过20多间保险公司指定授权车厂。倘若有任何需要向保险索赔的事宜(车祸后索赔等)除了保险索赔事宜,顾客也能取得非常公道的价格来维修爱车,他们都可以为您服务。老板也特别交代,只要是可以索赔的保险事项,他们都尽心尽力为您争取。

24 hours on call tow service; fight for yourinsurance claim

Ah Kum’s tow service is 24 hours on call. If you needany help, what you have to do is just give them a call and they will be therein no time. You don’t have to worry a thing about their tow service as they arevery professional, your car will be nowhere but their or others service centre.By the way, the towing fee is very reasonable, too.

Ah Kum Motor Workshop has received recognition frommore than 20 insurance companies. If you have any claim to deal with, you maylet them handle it for you. Other than that, you may repair your car here withvery reasonable price. The owner even stated that they will try their very bestto fight for your claim, no matter what circumstances.


 Ah kum motor workshop 开始了一间大镜中心,位于邻近Austin height water park,专门提供更换大镜服务,并且有一年保家(ONE YEAR WARRANTY)保障顾客的利益,扫除顾客对于大镜安装后关于进水或进风的疑虑。所以,在新店更换大镜,你不必担心买到冒充货,甚至略等货。

The Ah Kum’s New Workshop, the windscreenprofessional

Located near to Austin Height Water Park, the new AhKum Motor Workshop is now open for business, specifically to deal with anyproblem related to the car’s windscreen. They are the expert in this field andtheir installation service has included ONE YEAR WARRANTY to protect thecustomers worry about windscreen leakage problem. Hence, installing a newwindscreen at Ah Kum’s new workshop will save you from the risks of gettingfake or second hand windscreen.


考量贴切的为顾客节省宝贵的时间,Ah kum motor workshop新店星期天照常营业。除此之外,把车送来维修/检查的顾客绝对不用担心没有代步工具。首先,他们能够免费为您提供接送服务,也就是他们会派专人把你的车送入场内,待维修完毕后再把它转交给您。其次,他们也能够为您提供接车服务。假设把车送厂维修后您没有车使用,他们会安排公司车让您使用


Ah Kum’s motto: customers come first

For your information, Ah Kum Motor Workshop is openfor business 7 days a week, as they understand that customers are very busyduring weekdays and they might have no time to send their car for maintenances.On top of that, you don’t have to worry that you will lose your mobility whenyour car is not around. This is because they can deliver your car to theircentre for free and they will be glad to assign a car for your temporary use.

Similar to the headquarter, you may let them handleany claim or matter that related to insurance. In case you are too busy tovisit their centre, just email the needed information to them so they canprepare the procedure beforehand. Then you only have to complete the procedureby putting your signature on the documents. This is very convenient, right?


舒适无比的Waiting area

Ah Kum Motor Workshop 新店最贴心的一项服务,就是提供顾客清凉舒适的waiting area。在这里等候您的爱车进行维修的同时,您可以无忧无虑地看电视,看书,上网,喝茶,休息等等。等到您回过神的那一刻,汽车已经维修完毕了。

在这个年头,服务周到,顾客至上,又价格公道的汽车维修服务已经是少之又少。倘若下次有需要相关的服务的话,不妨亲临Ah Kum Motor Workshop,亲自体验一下他们非一般的服务吧!

Comfortable waiting area

Last, but not the least, waitingfor your vehicle to be repaired at new workshop is no longer an uneasy oruncomfortable job. Air conditioned waiting area is available here for you towatch TV, reading books, surfing internet, high tea or even rest. Your carwould get ready in no time before you can realize it.

It is very difficult to findcustomer friendly and reasonable service price nowadays and Ah Kum MotorWorkshop happened to be one in a million. Seeing is to believe it, why not yougive it a try?

Ah Kum Motor Workshop Sdn. Bhd.

电话(Tel) 012-7816588/ 0127729966/ 07-3535788
电邮(Email) ahkum88@gmail.com
营业时间(Business hour)9am – 6pm
地址(Address)(headquarter) 6, 8,10, 12, 14 Jalan Mutiara Emas 7/4, Taman Mount Austin,81100 Johor Bahru.
        (branch) 7 Jalan Austin Height 8/1, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru
                                (branch) 11,Jalan Pendekar 15, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, 81300 Skudai


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