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Bangkok Village - 著名的泰国餐厅和民宿

Bangkok Village - 著名的泰国餐厅和民宿

Posted: Mon Oct 12 2015

Sawadeekap~ 今天小编来到了一家在TamanDesa Tebrau著名的泰国餐厅和民宿– Bangkok Village。据说,Bangkok Village已经有10年的历史,在大约4年前由现任老板接手,把Bangkok Village弄得更有声有色!此外,老板更是在1年前设立了民宿,让更多人能够有机会更深入地体会这简朴又让人放松的环境。 

Bangkok Village: The Very Best Thai’s Cuisine
Sawadeekap~ Here I am today at the famous Thai restaurant and home stay– the Bangkok Village. This restaurant is located at Taman Desa Tebrau and itis having the history of 10 years. 4 years ago, the current boss has taken overthe business and he is taking the Bangkok Village to the very next level. Heeven established home stay at Bangkok Village, which further allowing thepublic to enjoy this simple yet relaxing environment even better. 


Why Bangkok Village? The boss himself is the number fans of Thaicuisine. Compared to other states, Johore is the furthest state from Thailand.Hence, he decided to make Thai cuisine available at Johor Bahru to share thisenjoyment with more people. In addition, Malaysia is a multicultural countrywith variety culture of foods. Thai cuisine stands a very high chance to befavorite by the locals as it is somewhat having some similarities with localfood cultures, which make it as a very marketable food. However, they do someamendments on the food as the locals can’t really withstand the spiciness andsourness of the authentic Thai cuisines. 


Authentic Traditional Thai Cuisines
Basically, the cuisines at Bangkok Village are pretty popular among thecustomers especially tom yum soup, lemon steam fish, green curry, mango saladand Bantam chicken. All of these delectable cuisines are being prepared by chefwith 10 years experience.

除了各类型正宗泰国菜肴之外,这里最引人瞩目和最受欢迎的,就是它的火锅啦!这里的火锅,味道可比外头的火锅棒哦!BangkokVillage 的火锅是由火锅和烧烤结合,所以客人在享用热腾腾的火锅料理时也可以烤一些香喷喷的烧烤。汤底方面,BangkokVillage共有5种汤底供君选择。老板有说,来到这里一定要试试他们火辣辣东炎和麻辣汤火锅,因为它们肯定能让你辣不绝口!

Other than that, Bangkok Village’s steamboat is another must try. Thesteamboat here is just way better than any of the steamboat out there for thereason – its freshness and the soup. The foods and soups are being prepareddaily and they will dispose the leftover. The meats are being prepared and cutby using machine. There are total 5 types for soups for you to choose and youshould never miss the hot and spicy soup and tom yum soup. Besides, there arevegetarian steamboat for the vegetarians, so that they can enjoy the momenttogether with their friends. 


The steamboat at Bangkok Village is combined with the BBQ set. Thisallows the customers to double their enjoyment at Bangkok Village – enjoyingthe steamy hot steamboat and the appealing BBQ. On top of that, such divinecuisine only required RM 38 for two pax and all you can eat for RM38 for each person.


Dining The Heavenly Meal In The Garden
Before you step into BangkokVillage, you might already enchanted by the sound of the water flow. Theinterior is surrounded by the greenish garden which can calm your anxiety forsure. Watching the fishes swimming in the pond is just like the remedies foryour daily stress, tranquilizes your mind and relaxes your soul. 


Having your meal in this garden is just like being embraced by theMother Nature itself, restoring your vitality and energy. 


The serenity and tranquility of Bangkok Village is making it as theperfect venue for family dining, friends gathering or even company events.According to the boss, Chinese is the main customer population and eveningwould be the peak hour of Bangkok Village.


The Awesome Container Home Stay
Another awesomeness at Bangkok Village is its container home stay. Suchbrilliant idea is being brought to reality by Bangkok Village’s boss in orderto be different and outstanding among the lodging industries. Painted withvarious kind of color, the container is blending well with the greenishenvironment, making it so special and eyes catching. In fact, it is veryenvironmental friendly as it doesn’t use much building material. Besides, theinterior is pretty spacious and there are windows for every container.Therefore, the airflow shouldn’t be a problem for it. Parking your car atBangkok Village would never be a problem to worry as there are ample of parkinglot for you and it will be very safe under the supervision of private securityguards. 


Feeling excited and curious about Bangkok Village? Just come andexperience the awesomeness today!

Tel:07-3518766/ 019-7279882
Business Hour:11am– 12am
Address:Lot93547, Jalan Harmonium 3, Off Kota Tinggi, Taman Desa Tebrau 81100 Johor Bahru.

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