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新圆香: 最新鲜的鱼类料理

新圆香: 最新鲜的鱼类料理

Posted: Mon Sep 28 2015

新圆香: 最新鲜的鱼类料理

SinYan Xiang Seafood Restaurant: Simply The Fresh And The Best 


Somesay, the fish tastefulness Of the fish come from nowhere but its freshness.Even food goumets are saying that the seafoods' freshness always come first ifyou want your cuisine to taste heavenly. Hence, as you can see the  seafood cuisines' materials are playing veryimportant role in deciding your cuisine's tastefulness. 

Taman Mount Austin,就有那么一家餐馆,从八,九个月前开张到现在就以它的海鲜汤吸引了不少回头客。来这里享用过海鲜汤的客人,没有一个会不记得那让人口齿留香,肉嫩汤甜的新圆香海鲜汤。

At Taman Mount Austin, a retaurant named Sin Yan Xiang never fail to satishfy it customer with itaheavenly seafood soup since its grand Opening on 8 month ago. The aroma of thesoup is so rich and the fish meat is so soft that you won't forget about itafter the first try. 


Theowner himself is very interested in cooking. As a responsible Chef, he alwaysupdate himself with The cuisine preparation methods from all over the world,just to satisfy his customers even more! Just like the days before he openedSin Yan Xiang, he spent so much time and energy, just to find out the best andhealthy way to prepare the seafood soup, as the people nowadays are verycautious about their health condition, included the food they eat. 



鲜美无比的高汤- 海鲜汤的灵魂 

Thesoul of the seafood soup 


Theowner did inform that the soup of the seafood soup is the soul of it. He usedbig bones to boil under slow heating in order to create the soup with richaroma. Drinking the soup and eat fresh fish meat in it is such a pleasure asyou will find that the soup is making the fish taste even better than usual



TheFamous Deep Fried Fish And Fillet 


Otherthan soup, the fried fish and fillet at Sin Yan Xiang are another popular andmust- try  cuisines. 


Thefried fish and fillet at Sin Nan Xiang are simply different from most of thefish and fillet out there. As you bite the fillet, you can feel its crunchinessin your mouth and its palatable flesh texture. Quite a numbers of fish filletout there are just mere "fried flesh" as the inner part just taste sodry and powdery. 


Otherthan that, the fried fish head is very famous too. The skin is just so smoothand its fragrance is non comparable by any other kind of fried fish. 

其他很受顾客欢迎的鱼类料理有特别滑嫩的七星班鱼和肉质 QQ,胶原蛋白超高的龙屯等。 

Besides,the silky smooth coral trout and the QQ, high collagen filefish are among thepopular choice of the customers.


Selfpurchased materials 


The owner informed that the fishes andmaterials are all purchased by him. In such manner he will be able to make surethe fishes are fresh and in good condition. 


Sin Yan Xiang, the seafood restaurant thatreally worth a try as they only serves fresh seafoods. Just come along andexperience the freshness today!

Name: 新圆香

Tel: 010-8286652 / 0108285530

Address: 8 Jalan Austin Heights 8/4 Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru Johor


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