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Andrin Make Over Academy 你化妆生涯的起跑点

Andrin Make Over Academy 你化妆生涯的起跑点

Posted: Mon Sep 28 2015

画出你的未来Andrin Make Over Academy

Beauty Up Your Life: Andrin Make Over Academy


Are you interested in makeup, but don’t know where toimprove your skill? Or, you plan to be a professional makeup artist, but haveno idea about where to get your certification?

如果你对于以上所列出的情况有同感,那么这篇文章你非读不可了。位于TamanSutera Utama,有一间名为AndrinMake Over Academy的彩妆学院,虽然只开办了一年之久,却迎来了许多化妆界新鲜人的青睬。

If the statement above explained your situation, then thisarticle is just right for you. At Taman Sutera Utama, Andrin Make Over Academyis getting attention from the makeup artist newbie.

其原因非常简单,只因为院长的来头不小。院长本身是2013年度AmberChia Academy 化妆比赛的第二名得主。同时也是间婚纱专业店的首席化妆师,拥有11年经验的他更具备了把普通的化妆演变成魔幻微整形化妆术,改变一个人的五官,让化妆后的样貌脱胎换骨。此外,经验丰富的他更能使用各种化妆技术来衬托出客人本身样貌的特质,让他们更加靓丽出众。热衷于化妆的院长,除了创办化妆学院并极力于化妆教学之外,平时也有额外做眉毛眼线嘴唇,画新娘妆,dinnermakeup 等等。

The reason is very simple – the principal of academy’sachievement. The principal is the second runner up of Amber Chia Academy makeupcontest. Besides, she is the chief makeup artist of a bridal gown exclusiveshop. By having 11 years of makeup experience, she even develops the techniqueof anaplasty makeup, which able to alter one’s facial appearance by justputting on makeup to their face. Besides, she is capable of bring out the truebeauty of a person according to his/her natural facial anatomy. Other thanteaching, she is also available for all kinds of makeup services, such as makeupfor eyebrows, eye lining, lips, bridal makeup, dinner makeup and so on.

Andrin Make Over Academy 你化妆生涯的起跑点

Andrin Make Over Academy, your kick start of makeup career

AndrinMake Over Academy,你将有机会学习各种各类的新娘,舞台,dinnermake up,特效化妆,喷枪(高清喷枪粉底),更有机会学习院长创办出的专业微整化技术。不仅如此,你也可以学习各式各样的发型设计(高级发型,台湾韩国香港流行的发型)。院长保证学员将能在3年内,或在100堂课内学完所有的化妆技术,从不会学到会为止。

At Andrin Make Over Academy, you would have the opportunityto learn various kind of bridal makeup technique, stage makeup, dinner makeup,special effect makeup, airbrush makeup or even the special anaplasty makeup.Besides, you would have the chance to learn some hair grooming technique(latest hairstyle of Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong). The principal promised that thestudents are going to learn all the techniques within 3 years, or 100 lessonsuntil they master the techniques.

和其他主推舞台装的学院不一样的是,AndrinMake Over Academy主推新娘妆为主。因为院长认为这类型的化妆比较平民,实际化。在这里学习化妆,你将会有许多的机会实践你所学习到的技术。因为院长常常会和外面的公司合作,为客人甚至是新娘化妆。他们也时不时会赞助一些慈善或大型选美活动,让学员有更多的实践机会。

Andrin Make Over Academy is very different from many other academiesout there as its syllabus is focus on bridal makeup, whereby others are onstage makeup. The principal thinks that bridal makeup is more practical andusable by everyone, unlike stage makeup, which is being used on stage only.Leaning makeup at Andrin Make Over Academy is an eye opening experience for thestudents as they will have frequent opportunity to practice the techniques, asthe academy always cooperates with companies in running some events or becomethe makeup service sponsors for some major charity events or beauty contests.

在这里AndrinMake Over Academy的学员,年龄从16-26岁左右。毕业后更能得到国际文凭,JPK国家文凭和学院文凭。院长更策划说在学院毕业时举办毕业展,让学员能够自豪的展现出自己的作品。

For your information, the students at Andrin Make OverAcademy are around 16-26 years old. They are entitled to get an internationalcertificate, National JPK certificate and the certificate of graduation fromthe academy itself. The principal even plans to hold a graduate exhibition inorder to allow the students to show their masterpiece to the public.

除了提供化妆教学,AndrinMake Over Academy也有提供custommade 服务,让客人自行搭配自己心仪的化妆和发型。此外,他们也有提供额外的微整形教学与服务。

Other than academic teaching, Andrin Make Over Academy isproviding custom made service, too. The customers are allowed to match theirfavorite hairstyle and the style of makeup on their own. On top of that, everycustomers of Andrin Make Over Academy are having their very portfolio,documenting their styles and progress. Besides, they are providing anaplastymakeup service and teaching, too.

倘若你有兴趣在AndrinMake Over Academy 学习化妆,或对它有任何的疑问,不妨联络它们以获得更多详情。

If you are interested in Andrin Make Over Academy, why notcontact them today to get more information?

Name: Andrin Make Over Academy

Tel: 019-6999906

Email: andrinacademy@gmail.com

Address: 35A, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama,81300 Skudai.

Website: www.andrinacademy.com


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