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Classic Branded Outlet

Classic Branded Outlet

Posted: Tue Aug 18 2015

Luxury Is All-you-can-find in Classic Branded Outlet

各式各样的名牌买卖,一切尽在Classic Branded Outlet


Are you a luxury goods lover? Do you wish to have many luxury goods? Or, do your luxury handbags only serve you for a short period of time before you get a new one to replace it? If your answer is yes, then Classic Branded Outlet is the shop you should never miss.

你是否对名牌情有独钟?你是否有太多的名牌想要拥有?你是否买了太多名牌,但用了几次之后很快就被取代了?如果以上问题的答案都是的话,那么这家位于新山五福城的Classic Branded Outlet你就不容错过啦!


Classic Branded Outlet: Please allow us to serve you

Classic Branded Outlet: 让我们为你代劳

Classic Branded Outlet has 5 years of experience dealing with luxury goods. They specialize in buying and selling brand new and preowned luxury handbags and also offers other brand new collections like accessories, small leather goods and fashion.

Classic Branded Outlet已经有了五年的名牌商品买卖经验,专门买卖二手及全新的包包,首饰,衣服,腰带及鞋子。 

In case you can’t find your desired handbag in their collection, they provide concierge service to help you source for the item you have in mind. Simply let them know the brand, model and colour of the bag you are looking for and just sit back, relax and wait. Their pre-order service is simple and convenient so you can save the time and energy to search for your desired bag.

除此之外,他们也很贴心地提供代购服务,帮忙顾客寻找全新与二手的大品牌包包。这样的代购服务确实方便了不少顾客,因为他们不再需要为自己心仪的包包而到处询问或奔波。如果你有想要购买的包包,你只需要亲临Classic Branded Outlet,并告诉他们·你想要订购的包包的牌子,款式,颜色就可以了。这项代购服务,对于在社会打工的我们确实省下了不少寻找包包的时间和精力。


Heaven of Branded Handbags



Their shop design is giving customers a comfortable and trendy environment to shop. Their aim is to deliver a luxurious retail shopping experience.

Classic Branded Outlet 的室内装潢给客人一种既舒适,又时髦的感觉。而他们的目标只有一个让到访的客人好好的享受每一次在Classic Branded Outlet 的购物旅程。



They specialize in brands like Prada, Saint Laurent, Burberry, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Dior, Chanel etc. All preowned items go through strict scrutiny to ensure the items are of thehighest quality and best conditions when sold to customers. Most importantly,prices are always negotiable and they can ensure you get the handbag you want at the best price possible.

这里专门售卖包都是知名的大牌子的包,如like Prada, Saint Laurent, Burberry, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Dior,Chanel等等。Classic Branded Outlet售卖的包包都通过了严格的检查和鉴定,主要是为了确定产品在出门之前依然处于最佳状态。更重要的是,这里包包的价钱都可以商量和你都能以最好的价钱购买到你心仪的包包。



There are two things to take into concern when purchasing from Classic Branded Outlet. First, you can only pay by either cash or credit card. Secondly, please kindly check for any defects or damages before you bring the bag home as goods sold are not entitled to refunds,returns or exchange. 

Classic Branded Outlet购物时要注意的是,这里只能用刷卡,或用现金付款,但不能分期付款。还有,决定购买时请小心检查好包包是否有任何的损坏或瑕疵,因为这里包包出门,恕不退还


Stay Tip Top with Classic Branded Outlet

包包弄脏了?让Classic Branded Outlet帮你处理

Classic Branded Outlet also provides professional services like bags cleaning, maintenance and repairs. If you wish your handbags to remain in tip top condition over the years, it would be recommended that you sign up for their cleaning package to ensure your bags are well maintained under a scheduled period.

除了名牌商品买卖之外,Classic Branded 也提供专业的包包清洗,保养,鉴证和维修服务。他们也提供Cleaning Package让你的包包定时接受清洗和保养,好让它无时无刻都处于最优雅时尚的状态。


Classic Branded Outlet

电话 (Tel):07-5568888


营业时间(Business Hour):12pm-8pm

地址 (Address): 86, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Taman Sutera Utama 81300 Skudai, Johor.

网址 (Web site):www.theluxurist.co

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