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Ray Cool (3M Autofilm)

Ray Cool (3M Autofilm)

Posted: Mon Aug 17 2015

Ray Cool (3M Autofilm)

Ray Cool 是一家营业了9年的汽车隔热膜和地毯专卖店。一直以来都是以有品质的隔热膜和专业的隔热膜安装而吸引了不少顾客前来光顾。除了从美国引进国际品牌的隔热膜,自2003年起他们也开始代理3Mautofilm 一直到现在。

Ray Cool is a shop specialized in vehicles tinted films andcarpet. Other than importing tinted films from US, they have become the agentof 3M autofilm since 2003. Their professionalism, quality of service and goodshas already become the main attraction for the customers.

3M Autofilm

Ray Cool 的顾客群主要是以购买3Mautofilm居多,主要原因是它的颜色和隔热效果都很稳定。其他本地的普通牌子,用不出几年就会开始退化,渐渐地失去其颜色和隔热效果。虽然价格会比起本地牌子高了一点,但以隔热膜的功能和耐久度来讲,3Mautofilm的价格始终是物有所值。3Mautofilm是本地制造的隔热膜,主要是以防爆,隔热,高清晰度而鹤立鸡群。3M隔热膜的颜色非常自然,并没有铁质,所以不会有耀眼的反射光线。不仅如此,3Mautofilm5年的标准保证期(standardwarranty),在保证期内隔热膜起泡,变蒙,脱落都可以在全马任何一家3Mautofilm的代理进行维修或替换。

3M autofilm is the most popular tinted film among thecustomers, as its color and capability of sun screening is pretty stablethroughout the time. By comparing 3M autofilm with the others in the market, itjust took few years time for the ordinary tinted film to fade and losing itsfunction of sun screening. This is why 3M is still the best, even with aslightly higher price. For your information, 3M is a local made tinted film,well known for its anti-break in, radiation and heat insulation function. Itscolor is very natural and will not bring discomfort to your eyes. Besides,there is no iron in the film, so there will be no glare on the mirror. Thetinted film of 3M is having the warranty period of 5 years. You may repair orreplace any bubbled, dimmed, or torn tinted film at any of the 3M authorizedautofilm outlet in Malaysia. 


Other than this, Ray Cool is selling the high quality tintedfilm from US, too. This tinted film from US is fancied by customers for itssuperior quality. On top of that, both of the tinted films are certified by theJPJ for its degree of visibility. Hence, you will have no worry about receivingsummons from JPJ or traffic police in the future.

Ray Cool,不仅仅是汽车的隔热膜


Ray Cool, beyond autofilm

In Ray Cool, the tinted film you can get is not just cartinted film. You may even get tinted film for your building and boat! Byadapting the multilayer technology, it will provide you the best UVA, UVB andheat insulation, as well as its anti break in properties. Such specialties are capableof reducing the power usage in your home and preventing your house frombreak-in thief.

Ray Cool,您值得信赖的隔热膜专家

说到隔热膜,只要是在RayCool安装的,您就大可放心了。就如以上所述,这里的隔热膜是绝对的实用,而且价钱公道。RayCool 的口碑一直以来都很好,这年头来已经有许多来自各个年龄层,各社会阶层的人士成为了RayCool 的客户。倘若您需要安装隔热膜的话,不如到RayCool看看吧!

Ray Cool, the expert you can trust

Talking about tinted film, Ray Cool is definitely your topchoice as the price is very reasonable, which make it a shining star among thecustomers of all ages and social classes. If you need to install tinted film inthe future, why not giving Ray Cool a try?


Ray Cool (3M Autofilm)

电话(Tel): 07-5549551

电邮(Email): enquiry@raycool.com.my

营业时间(Operation hours): Tuesday-Sat 10am-7pm, Sunday 11am-6pm

地址(Address): 4, Jalan Ronggeng 12, Taman Skudai Baru, 81300Skudai, Johor Bahru.

网址(Website): www.raycool.com.my

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