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Rollwell Home 设计出自我风格

Rollwell Home 设计出自我风格

Posted: Mon Aug 17 2015

Rollwell Home: Design your style
是的,现在要拥有自己设计的家具现在已经不再是空谈啦!在Taman Austin Height的Rollwell Home,能够让你的家具设计梦想成真!本身在家具业有12年经验的店主,一直以来都觉得普通的家具现在已经非常普遍,没有新意,加上现代年轻人比较喜欢看一些独家设计的家具,所以便开了一间具有designer风格的家具店。

Designing your own furniture is no longer a dream nowadays because Rollwell Home can build it out of your sketches! Dealing with furniture for the past 12 years, the owner always thinks that conventional furniture is too boring and plain for the youngsters. Hence, he has decided to run his own designer style furniture shop. 

Simplistic, heartwarming, trendy

Rollwell Home的家具,颜色都是比较大众化,不会死气沉沉的那种。这里的家具也都走年亲的风格为主,大致上可以分为意大利和美国式家具。意大利风格的家具都是属于比较厚实,比较年轻化的家具,设计也以简单和摩登为主。所以,现代化的意大利风格的家具能够让一个普普通通的角落变得特别有个性,更加生气蓬勃。

At Rollwell Home, you will never see furniture with dull or unfashionable style. In fact, all of the furniture here are quite stylistic and painted with eyes catching color, making it the perfect choice for the younger generation. Basically there are two main styles of furniture – the Italian and American. Italian furniture style can further being classified into conventional and modern Italian. Together with striking color and curvature, trendy modern Italian furniture can bright up a dull and boring environment as long as you are matching the right one.


美国式Rustic 的设计家具是属于比较简单,随性不花俏的家具。这类型的家具也相当百搭,能够搭配各式各样的室内设计。此外,Wooden风格的家具则表现出美国乡下风格(country style)和modern style的风格。乡下风格的家具非常的温馨纯朴,能够让一个空间顿时充满了“老家”的感觉。 Modern style则是在旧中求新,以各种曲线,切割技巧和结构材料搭配让颜色和样貌平庸的木料凸显出非同凡响的效果。

American Rustic furniture style is more to simplicity can casual type of furniture. Such furniture is quite versatile and can be placed into any corner with any design. Wooden style furniture can be divided into country style and modern style, too. The country style is able to create a heartwarming and home coming environment. It is suitable for those who want their home to have a retro or oldies look. Different with country style, modern style is striking out the personality by using different ways of wood cutting, shaping and carving techniques as well as combining with various types of materials. This is why they always say that modern country style of furniture making is so incredible – because even a piece of ordinary wood can create stunning effect!

A Set of Good Furniture is always the best

相信很多人都会为自己的家装修以得到自己心仪的室内设计和格局吧?在Rollwell Home,他们能保证你不必特别花大钱装修家里就能让家有装修的感觉。根据店主透露,只要搭配得合适,家里的任何一个角落都能通过家具来改变它的格局。Rollwell Home 也可以免费到顾客府上做咨询,以协助顾客选择最恰当的家具,进而避免顾客买错家具类型,甚至是尺寸不合适的家具。

Many of us are having the mindset that only renovation is capable of changing the style or setup of the house. In fact, you can change your house setup by just utilizing the furniture provided by Rollwell Home! So, why not using the big money in purchasing good furniture? Besides, they can even visit to your home to provide consultation about the most compatible furniture for your house and this service is free of charge. This is very helpful especially for those customers who have no idea about what to get for their house, or avoiding customers to buy furniture of incompatible dimensions.

对于家具的品质,顾客更是可以放心。这里只卖有品质,有保障的家具,因为店主相信只有顾客用得安全,满意,他们才会成为回头客,甚至是把Rollwell Home介绍给其他人。如果顾客在店里找不到满意的家具,他们也可以和店家讨论或提议自己的设计,以订制独一无二的家具。这里的家具和自我订制家具,都是由印尼,中国或本地生产,并且通过仔细的品质鉴定和检查才会推出市场。

By the way, the customers may rest assured of the safety and quality of Rollwell Home’s furniture. It is because they sell the furniture with top quality as the owner believes that selling furniture is not a one-way-trip matter and customers’ trust and satisfaction is needed if they want to run the business in long term. Another thing to highlight is the customization of furniture service at Rollwell Home. Customers may request for furniture customization if they have the design of furniture in their mind. The blueprint will be sent to Indonesia, China or local for further processing and the furniture must undergo throughout quality control investigation before it become available in the market. 

不仅如此,这里也有代理Goodnight, Dreamnight, Mymatt, Snoozz. 和Mixbox的家具,所以在Rollwell Home的家具种类可以说是各式各样,五花八门。他们还为顾客提供免费运送,只要你住在马来西亚或新加坡,无论哪里一个角落他们都能把家具亲自载送到你家门前。

For your information, Rollwell Home is the retail agent of Goodnight, Dreamnight, Mymatt, Snoozz and Mixbox furniture.  As long as you are living in Malaysia or Singapore, they will be able to deliver your favorite furniture to your house.

Rollwell Home,确实是在家具业中闪耀的星星,无论是创新,或是家具种类它都五脏俱全。倘若你需要购买家具,或是一直以来都找不到你心仪的家具,今天就到Rollwell Home探一探吧!

Indeed, Rollwell Home is the sparking star of the furniture industry as it is completed with innovation, creativity or even varsity of furniture. So, please do not hesitate to visit Rollwell Home if you are in the need of purchasing new furniture because you deserve the best.


Rollwell Home

地址(address):Nno59,Jalan setia 7/18,taman setia indah,81100,johor Bahru ,Johor.

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