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爱情桥锁着永恒的回忆。 Greenet Bar & Restaurant.

爱情桥锁着永恒的回忆。 Greenet Bar & Restaurant.

Posted: Mon Mar 02 2015

Greenet Bar and Restaurant

引领浪漫新潮流  新一代拍拖圣地
最近新山的Café是越开越多,证明Café文化已经逐渐的在新山生根,寻找新Café像是成为了一股潮流,只要这间Café有特色,价钱合理,食物又美味,必然会吸引一群爱拍照爱美食的人们前去打卡朝圣,然后自豪的放在FB证明到此一游,不落人后。今天要为大家介绍的这家Café也许对于很多人来说并不陌生,它就是位于Pelangi报馆街,林立在住宅区内的一间别墅餐厅– Greenet Bar & Restaurant.

Leading the trend, the new era of dating

With the inclining numbers of café, the café culture in JB is becoming more profound than it used to be. And yet,searching for the new café is now a new trend among the public. In Johor Bahru, a café will never fail to attract food lovers to dine in as long as it has remarkable features, fair price and for sure, awesome delicacies. Today, the café that I am about to introduce to you all is well known by most of the JB citizens. This café located at the housing area of Taman Maju, and a villa restaurant named Greenet Bar & Restaurant.

爱情桥锁着回忆  记载你我的故事


Love Pad Lock, chaining the story of me and you

When you arrived at Greenet Bar & Restaurant, the very first thing you will notice is the breathtaking exterior looking. No matter how stressful you are, no matter how bad is your feeling, the food and environment of this restaurant are able to wipe them out in no time. By the way, the feature that worth to mention the most is the spectacular Valentine Bridge. Just like the pont des arts (bridge of arts) in Paris, friends or lovers will hang locks on the bridge, which symbolized that they eternally lock their memories and relationship here. Each time they pay a visit to the bridge,the memory become vivid again. Indeed, such brilliant idea of the owner is a plus toward the unique of the restaurant.


绿意盎然简约风格  朋友聚会好去处

Simple and verdant, ideal place for gathering

As a continuum from the exterior, the interior of the restaurantis verdant, simple yet modern, which totally correspond to the restaurant name Greenet. Together with the verdant environment, the interior is so cosy that it will make you feel that you are staying in the nature itself. You are going to fall in love with the care free environment, and it’s a perfect spot for dating and gathering, don’t you think so?


精致食材美味料理  诚意之作刺激味蕾

Perfect fusion of sincerity, arts and flavors, triggering your gustatory sensation

Of course, food is the soul of every restaurant, so do Greenet. Together with their very own blended sauce, the artistic cuisines atGreenet have been brought into a so called divine state. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a doubt that the gorgeous looking and tasteful foods here successfully capture the heart of food lovers. For your information, the owner is quite famous in this field right before he establishes Greenet. Plus, the chefs here are pretty experienced and all of these are the reasons why this restaurant is getting high rating from the customers.


Thus,I can’t deny that this is one of the restaurants that you should never miss in Johor Bahru. And hey, don’t get behind of the trend! Have your very own romantic experience at Greenet today!

Greenet Bar & Restaurant
28, Jalan Maju, Taman Maju Jaya 
80400 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Click here for complete details and location

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