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满足思乡情怀的甲虫餐厅Re Della Pasta

满足思乡情怀的甲虫餐厅Re Della Pasta

Posted: Thu Jan 29 2015

甲虫餐厅挑动味蕾  欧美风格备受瞩目

Re Della Pasta is a restaurant with catchy Euro American style that serves delectable cuisine 

在还未抵达Re Della Pasta以前,就被它高高在上的甲虫标志给吸引过去了,仿佛在召唤着我,告诉我,好料就在这里了!
Long before I reach Re Della Pasta, the appealing ladybird symbol on top of the building already capture my attention. It’s telling me: I am in the right place for a heavenly meal!


The appealing ladybird has already become an icon of Re Della Pasta. It symbolized the awesome cuisines of Re Della Pasta that you can’t find anywhere else.

环境优美清新  让人一见倾心

Falling in love with there freshing environment


Don’t get confused with the ladybird symbol! THEY NEVER SERVE LADYBIRD IN THEIR CUISINE! By using white color as the main theme of the interior, it creates a bright, modern yet cozy internal environment.

原来Re Della是Pasta之王的意思,而他们以此命名,就充分的显入了他们对自家料理的自豪。

Re Della Pasta means “King of Pasta” in Italian. In another word, the chef has full confidence and proud with his very own divine creation.


Re Della Pasta has an experienced chef de cuisine, who can own your heart with his outstanding skill of culinary.

他们的主厨Chef Kelvin在这行拥有超过23年的丰富经验,之前曾经在多个地方任职,如东马沙巴Kota Kinabalu的酒店,甚至在国外如苏格兰,英格兰以及瑞士的酒店,都有过他的踪迹。

Chef de cuisine Kelvin has been involving in this field for more than 23 years. Before he settled down at Re Della Pasta, he spent decades working as chef at the Hotel of Kota Kinabalu, Scotland,  England and Switzerland.

他专精于欧洲大陆式、美式、意大利式以及西班牙式的料理,吸取了国外的养分,回到本国来大展拳脚。他的招牌料理如Braised Beef Back Ribs, Lobster Paella, Seafood Pasta, Wagyu Beef,无不让人垂涎欲滴,吸引许多回头客一再光顾。
除此之外,自然也少不了咖啡,它选用了Musetti意大利顶级阿拉比卡咖啡,远远就闻到了一股咖啡香,它的甜品也是你所不容错过的。  Specialty Dessert Baked Alaska ( Flambe Ice cream)是你下午茶时光的好选择。

Chef Kelvin is an expert in cooking Continental Europe, American, Italian and Spain cuisines. Some of his signature cuisines are Braised Beef Back Ribs, Lobster Paella, Seafood Pasta, Wagyu Beef. Aren’t these cuisines are making you mouth watering, even by just looking at the photos? For sure, this is why most of the customers keep oncoming back just to have another bite of these scrumptious cuisines. That’s not all, this restaurant serves you Musetti – the top Italian Arabica Coffee and you are going to fall in love with its great aroma. And yes, don’t forget to try their Specialty Dessert Baked Alaska (Flambe Ice cream) as this would certainly maximize your tea time pleasure!

聚会绝佳场所  满足侨乡思乡情怀

Best spot for gathering,ideal place to calm your nostalgia


Re Della Pasta’s serenity and tranquility are making it a perfect place for all kinds of gathering as you can communicate with each other without much disturbance. Foreigners have becoming the regular customers of this restaurant and they would have their meal here whenever they missed their homeland. Besides, lunch and dinner self service buffets are available here. Do not hesitate to choose Re Della Pasta as the place for any massive gathering or party because the dining hall is able to fit in 80 persons at most.


Of course, top cuisine would not be perfect without a fine wine. Varieties of wines from Australia, Chile, Italy and France are available here. The price points ranging from moderate to high and they are pretty popular among the customers.


No.1, Jalan Permas 10/8, Bandar Permas Jaya, 81750 Masai, Johor, Malaysia

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