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天御燕窝, 养生滋补 TianYu bird nest

天御燕窝, 养生滋补  TianYu bird nest

Posted: Wed Jan 28 2015

天御燕窝 养生滋补
Regimen and Nourishing – TianYu bird nest


As everyone knows that, we are able to pursue our dreams and accomplish our daily requirements
only with good health. Talking about good health, it would make us associate it with regimens. In fact, regimens have becoming part of our needs in 
order to improve, or boost up our health condition. Besides, I believe that most of you know about a regimen product – bird nest, no matter the name itself or its functions.



TianYu has completely turned the traditional bird nest preparation method upside
down. After the process of bird nest harvesting, production, packaging, the bird nest 
is now being given a new life in different form. In order to preserve the nutritional 
value of their bird nest, Tian Yu bird nest has no additional preservatives, 
stabilizers, essences, chemicals or even bleach. They never neglect any single step of 
bird nest processing, just to ensure that they produce the very best bird nest for 
their customers.

TianYu is using Collocalia bird nest in their products. It is being scientifically proven 
that Collocalia saliva is able to improve facial beauty, enhances cell producing and 
cell growth hormones, improve cell regeneration, improves immune system. With 
long term consumption, it can enhance growth, recovery from sickness, nourishing, 
improve facial condition and delay the ageing process.

Below are the two main products proudly produced by TianYu.

玫瑰花香燕FrenchRose Collagen Bird Nest




Other than Collocalia bird nest, this product has additional collagen to reduce 
wrinkles and dark spots, nourishing and moisturizing skin, improve elasticity, repair 
facial tissues and giving you a smoother, fairer skin. The French rose is able to 
improve skin beauty, calming your mood, improves sleeping quality, improve blood 
circulation, general body health condition as well as female menstrual period.


Serving suggestion
It is the best to consume a bottle daily with empty stomach. By immersing in water, 
the natural rose content will produce chlorophyll hence making the bird nest to 
have yellowish or brownish coloration.

浓缩燕Premium Concentrated Bird Nest


It is an instant bird nest with supreme quality. It has slight egg white fragrance with 
light and smooth texture.


Serving suggestion
Consume twice daily (morning and night). Each bottle can be consumed for 14 to 15 
days. The lid must be closed tightly after use and preserved under 0 – 4 °C.
This product is completely natural and there is no additive. It is normal to have tiny 
solid particles in it.


28A, Jalan Uda Utama 3/15, 
Taman Uda Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor

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