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户外露天概念的D animo Cafe & Barrels Bistro

户外露天概念的D animo Cafe & Barrels Bistro

Posted: Mon Dec 22 2014

西餐新去处!新开张的D'animo Cafe & Barrels Bistro
就坐落在Mount Austin的中心点,这里的西餐可说是一流的呢~

Located at the center of Mount Austin, D’ Animo Café & Barrels Bistro is now ready to serve you 
their very outstanding and scrumptious western cuisine.


Not surprisingly, I am having a hard time to decide what to eat during my visit to D’ Animo café 
& Barrels Bistro. No other reasons, just because that the foods in the menu looks so gorgeous 
and thrilling my salivary glands; salad, soup, chicken chop, even the freshly made cakes are 
tempting my appetite!


If you are having the chance to do so, don’t forget to order some wines during your visit. 
Together with the wines, the surrounding here is going to make you immerse in the very 

enjoyable and pleasurable feeling.


This café is consists of two levels – the simple nice ground floor for general dining while the first 
floor is ever ready for all kinds of parties.


And so, by adopting open air concept in their architecture design, D’ Animo Café & Barrels Bistro 
is going to bright up your great time with your friends even more! Hence, if you are looking for a 
place to talk and have some foods or drinks, why not you come to Mount Austin and pay a visit 
to D’ animo Café & Barrels Bistro?

D animo Cafe & Barrels Bistro

No.29, Jalan Austin Heights 8/3, 
Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru.

Click here for complete details and location

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