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10 Instagram-Worthy Places in Johor Bahru

10 Instagram-Worthy Places in Johor Bahru

Posted: Wed Oct 31 2018

Nowadays, you would want to fill in your Instagram feed with picture perfect moments that are worthy enough to fill in the feed of your Instagram. Worry not, here are the 10 Instagram worthy places in Johor Bahru. The view is magnificent and is just waiting for you to visit and explore.

1.       Tanjung Piai National Park

If you’re up for journey to explore nature, then Tanjung Piai national Park is the perfect place that will surely amazes you. Acquiring the largest area of Mangrove preserve, you will have the chance to experience the feeling of being on the very tip of Mainlaind Asia.

2.       Pulau Kukup

Known as the “World’s largest wetland reserve” and“Malaysia’s largest Mangrove Island”, get your friends to enjoy and appreciate the nature of Pulau Kukup while taking photos of this place.

3.       Kulai Rainforest Tree House

If you want to get away from the hectic environment from the city, visit Kulai Rain Forest to experience a natural environment instead. It has six tree houses built without damaging the tree. Don’t forget to spam your Instagram with some shots while you’re there!

4.       Tanjung Balau

Tanjung Balau is known for their black sandy beach so if you’re bored of the typical white sandy beach, head on here to experience the opposite! As an oil spill incident occurred, it caused the sand to have a streak of black. Enjoy that opportunity and get a chance to take your shots to spam your Instagram!

5.       Gunung Pulai

Simply breathtaking, there’s not enough words to describe the beauty of Gunung Pulai as the pictures speaks louder than words.

6.       Seri Alam Blue Lake

This place was discovered only recently and has instantly won popularity due to its obvious uniqueness! Famous for wedding photography sessions, it’s no wonder that this place is an amazing place.

7.       Desaru Beach

Naturally, beach is a good place to take photos but Desaru Beach goes beyond that category as it is the perfect idea to take your Instagram shots.

8.       Danga Bay

Considered as the largest recreational park in the city of Johor Bahru, there so many events that can be held in Danga Bay. It’s a place to take a picture of perfect moments with your loved ones.

9.       Cultural Street (Jalan Tan Hiok Nee)

Explore the long rows of coffee shops, restaurants and old bakery while taking photos of hipster scenes in Cultural Street.

10.       Puteri Harbour

If you’re looking for a breezy lovely night, head onto Puteri Harbour where every night is as live it can be. Gather your friends, take some Instagram shots and have some fun!

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