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Restaurant Ba Wei 霸味串烧火锅店

Restaurant Ba Wei 霸味串烧火锅店

Posted: Wed Oct 08 2014

Food In JBRestaurant Ba Wei 霸味串烧火锅店


谈起串烧,大家一定会想到马六甲的Satay Celup,光想到就口水流满地了,现已无需舟车劳顿的到远赴马六甲啦,因为SatayCelup已来到新山了,就在新山的五福城喔!

Heat up the BBQ pit, bring out the skewers and everybody will
definitely think of Malacca Satay Celup.
Just the thought of it, and you will be dripping saliva all over the floor.
Because the awesomeness in satay celup, each delicious stick of skewer is woo lala in your mouth.
You don’t have to wear yourself out now driving all the way up to Malacca to enjoy because
now Satay Celup have invade into the city of Johor Bahru, in
the hottest Taman Sutera Utama, just a stone thrown drive away!

JBhappeningBaWei JBhappeningBaWei


The skewer here are definitely nothing like you have tasted before. 
Adding with the amazing yet unique retro kind of furnishing, additional
antique accessory which was added by the store manager for the finishing touch.
Suitable for all kinds get together for family, friends outing or even couple date, any
ages will blendn 
well in this friendly restaurant. Being able to eat together with loves one would
bring relationship closer to another level.



Everything here is homemade and made from scratch, from the sauce to
the skew and even the soup. All is guarantee made with the freshest ingredients
each day. Did I mention about hygiene, this place cleanliness will never disappoint
you…every sauce is replaced after each dining is done.

JBhappeningBaWei JBhappeningBaWei


Besides all this, Restaurant Ba Wei offer free barbecue and the barbecue here uses flat grill 
which create less smoke or even close to a smoke-free grill, which is a very healthy meal. 



If you are here, be sure to try their popular squid soup! The squid soup here is the
personally created by the shop owner‘s mother.The fresh  sweetness from the squid soup
will guaranteed will let you go sky high. Is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you are a soup fanatic.

JBhappeningBaWei JBhappeningBaWei



After enjoying your big feast, will not sit back and relax with a cup of refreshing
homemade sour plum drink. The plum here are specially blend in by shop owner. Very generous in
amount given, serve  in huge glass, regardless of how many skew you have eaten before
this, all will be washed down right away with just one sip.

The owner also introduces their upcoming addition, fruit chocolate…yummy!!

Lets heads on down to Restaurant Ba Wei for some celup celup celup satay. 

Restaurant Ba Wei 霸味串烧火锅店

No. 4, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor

Click here for complete details and location

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