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Posted: Wed Sep 19 2018

The ever-popular Japanese film festival has been the premier platform for Malaysia moviegoers to enjoy the top of Japanese cinema for past 14 years. And now JFF 2018 is here once again with more exciting cross-section of Japan’s diverse movie cultures.Japanese Film festivals gives opportunity for community to learn about Japanese Cultures.

The 15th anniversary of JFF, will be held at Golden Screen Cinemas across the country. JFF 2018 is ready to provide a deep understanding and familiarity with Japanese culture and society that features 13 recent films across a variety of genres including drama, suspense, documentary, and comedy.

JFF will be extended to the southern part of Malaysia, Johor Bahru which is “GSC Paradigm Mall”! Catch the premier Japanese Motion pictures with us soon for the 1st time this year!

1. Ramen Heads

Legendary Chef and, "Ramen King" Osamu Tomita opens his kitchen along with five other prestige ramen shops to share recipes and trade secrets. The directorial debut of Koki Shigeno, RAMEN HEADS is a beautiful, simple and stylized homage to none other than noodle and broth...or all the philosophy and flavour that comes along with the soupy calling. 

The film concludes with Tomita planning a special 10th anniversary meal in collaboration with Shota Iida, whose namesake ramen shop is No. 1 in Kanagawa prefecture, and Yuki Onishi, the chef-owner of Tsuta, the first ramen shop to receive a Michelin star.

2. 3 Ft Ball & Souls 

Members of an internet suicide room called Life Club decide to end their lives using explosives. But an unexpected side effect finds them stuck in a time loop,constantly thrown backwards.


There’s an internet suicide room in Japan called Life Club where strangers get together to discuss their plans on how to end it all. Four members of this group ally with a mission: they are going to use explosive to snuff out their lives. However, at the moment of the explosion, something unexpected happens; the four find themselves thrown back to just before the moment they detonated the device. So they try again. And again. And again. Something is wrong and the group must figure it out so they can be allowed to perish. In a big explosion.

Director Yoshio Kato’s entry into the pantheon of time travel movies operates on multiple levels. Sweetly comic, outrageously confusing and beautifully human, a story of how the moment of death brings four strangers to come to understand life is explored through amazing character work and wonderful cinematography.


Winning the audience award at Skip City International Festival, this wonderful film demonstrates Yoshio Kato assertively developing his voice and becoming one of the most interesting filmmakers to emerge from not only Japan, but from within the entire genre world.

3. ChihayafuruPart 3 


High school days are said to be the best days of one’s life. But even the happiest of memories can be tangled with problems, no matter how faint these memories appear to be.


“Chihayafuru Part 3”or “Chihayafuru: Mosubi”, the third and final installment of the live actionfilm adaptation of Japanese youth manga “Chihayafuru” written by Yuki Suetsugu,explores the lives of graduating high school students, as the three lead characters, Chihaya Ayase (Suzu Hirose), Taichi Mashima (Shūhei Nomura) andArata Wataya (Mackenyu) gear up for the national championship for competitive karuta.

4. Tremble All You Want 

Hopeless crushes aretypically the stuff of teen comedies, not romcoms aimed at grownups. Yet in thecorner of many an adult brain exists at least one excruciating memory of thatspecial teenaged someone you never quite worked up the nerve to speak to.


Yoshika (MayuMatsuoka) is 24-years-old and works at a company. She doesn't have a boy friending her life. Yoshika is a bit different. She likes to search about ammonite fossil all night long and she still feels a thrill when thinking about first love Ichi from her middle school days. One day, Ni, who works at the same company,confesses his feelings for her.

5. Yakiniku Dragon 

Japanese Movie "焼肉ドラゴン (YakinikuDragon)" tells the story of a Korean citizen who lives in Japan and has children. The relationship of her children is having difficulty with their love. This romantic movie became one of the must-watch movies and will air on June 22, 2018.


The "焼肉ドラゴン (YakinikuDragon)" movie player there are Yoko Maki, Mao Inoue and Nanami Sakuraba who all three will portray the daughters of Koreans living in Japan.South Korean actors such as Kim Sang-Ho and actress Lee Jung-Eun will also play an important role.


The story takes place in 1970, the year of the Osaka's Expo '70, during the great economic boom in Japan. Yakiniku Dragon is a small family-run BBQ restaurant on the outskirts of the Kansai area. The family of six consists of the patriarch Ryukichi, his wife Yong-Sun, his three daughters Shizuka, Rika and Mika, and his youngest son,Tokio. The restaurant is always bustling with boisterous “regulars” including Shizuka’s childhood friend Tetsuo. Every day is filled with laughter and tears.But even the powerful bonds holding “Yakiniku Dragon” together would be tested by the tides of change.

Based on stage play“Yakiniku Doragon” which was written and directed by Wishing Chong. The stage play was first performed in 2008. The moving play, swept awards, including the Asahi Performing Arts Grand Prix and Yomiuri Theater Award for Best Play. The film adaptation of “YAKINIKU DRAGON” marked Wui Sin Chong’s film directorial debut.

6. We Make Antiques! 

A whip smart, laugh out loud buddy comedy that gently satirizes the antiques trade, directed by Masaharu Take (100 Yen Love). Toshio (Kiichi Nakai), a smooth-talking antiques dealer with a keen eye but perpetual bad luck, finally strikes goldwhen he finds a tea bowl with a letter written by 16th century tea master Senno Rikyu. Or at least he thinks he does. When it’s revealed that he was actually sold immaculate fakes made by a group of conmen led by disgraced potter Sasuke (Kuranosuke Sasaki), Toshio sees another opportunity and decides to go in with them to pull off an elaborate heist. Their plan: create a priceless Rikyu bowl and reap the massive rewards. But this familiar expel-the-barbarian scenario is not what you may think — and “We Make Antiques!” ends up being are freshingly un-xenophobic piece of entertainment.


Another point of excellence is the acting (and the casting for that matter), with Kiichi Nakaias Norio and Kuranosuke Sasaki as Sasuke highlighting both their characters and their chemistry. Feisty Aoi Morikawa as Imari and nerdy Tomoya Maeno as Seijimake for a hilarious couple, while Masaomi Kondo as the “noble villain”Seiichiro and Kogan Ashiya as the “despicable villain”, add another level of entertainment in the film. “We Make Antiques” is a very interesting film, that manages to entertain while sharing knowledge about the world of antiques,history, and pottery with precision.

7. Memoirs of a Murder 

Memoirs of a Murderer is a 2017 Japanese Drama Mystery and Thriller film remake of the 2012 Korean film Confession ofMurder. The film was directed by Yū Irie and stars Tatsuya Fujiwara as Sonezakiand Hideaki Ito as Ko Makimura.

 In 1995, five mysterious murders took place.In 2017, a man named Masato Sonezaki comes public confessing that he is the murderer, but the police cannot arrest him due to a loophole in the law. Sonezaki publishes a book and becomes a celebrity. Later, another man claims to be the real murderer. But then it is revealed that both of them are frauds. Sonezaki confesses that he wanted to capture the real killer while the other man wanted financial success. Sonezaki is revealed to be Takumi Onodera, whose fiance was killed by that killer. Later, Sonezaki finds out the real killer's hideout and tries to kill him. Detective Ko Takimura comes and stops Sonezaki. The killer is then taken to police custody.

8. Mixed Doubles

Tamiko used to be a very good ping pong player as a child,but she is now twenty-eight years old and left the sport behind. Her mother Hanako had taught her how to play imposing discipline and regimen, but following the former's death the daughter had felt free by quitting the sport and instead leading an ordinary life. One of her co-workers Akihiko asks her to go steady one day, but soon sleeps with a pretty co-worker called Airi. Having lost her chance with this man, she quits her job and returns to her hometown.Here her mother once owned a ping pong club. At the same time, the man she lost has joined the company's ping pong club prompting her to want to beat him. She begins to practice again.

 “Mixed Doubles” is the cinematic equivalent of the makunouchi bento— a traditional boxed lunch whose ingredients are varied enough to please everyone. There’s nothing too daring and there’s definitely nothing that will offend — though some grumpy types (this reviewer) may object to the obviousness of it all.


But just as parts of a makunouchi bento can be delicious, “Mixed Doubles” has its occasional charms. As a one-time fanatic player, this struck me as a good enough justification for the entire enterprise.

9. Born Bone Born

This second feature by Okinawan comedian ToshiyukiTeruya, a.k.a. Gori (one half of the popular comedy duo Garage Sale) is a sunny, humanistic comedy set in Aguni, a remote island of Okinawa.


A visibly pregnant Yuko (Ayame Misaki, Radiance) returns home to find her family still grappling with the recent passing of her mother, Emiko, while her father (Eiji Okuda) becomes increasingly withdrawn and her older brother(Michitaka Tsutsui) hopelessly combative when neighbors start to gossip about Yuko’s fatherless unborn child, the local matriarch comes to her defense alongside a childhood friend. Soon, it will be a year since Emiko’s passing,and time to exhume her and wash her bones as dictated by the island’s Senkotsu ritual. 

 10. Perfect world


The Japanese Film "Perfect World (Pafekuto Warudo)" was starred by renowned actor Takanori Iwata member of J-pop "J Soul Brothers" and"EXILE". For the female main player is also familiar, there is a famous actress Hana Sugisaki, in April 2018 is playing Japanese drama "Boys over Flowers Season 2",one of the most drama-J 2018 waiting. Okay just read at Synopsis of Perfect World more.

Kawana Tsugumi works at an interior design company. She happens to meet her first love Ayukawa It suki from her high school days. He is now an architect and in a wheelchair because of an accident.


The romance story in this movie is adapted based on the famous manga series titled "Perfect World" by Rie Aruga and for the first time published April 2014 in Japanese manga josei kiss magazine.

11. The 8 year engagement

It is produced by Shochiku with LDH Pictures. J-Movie is also known by the title "Pafekuto Warudo" for the making of this film itself takes place since June 2, 2017 and completed mid-July 2017.


Hisashi (Takeru Satoh) and Mai (Tao Tsuchiya) are set to have their wedding ceremony in 3 months, but Mai falls ill and lapses into a coma. Hisashi does not give up on his fiance and prays for her recovery. Finally, Mai wakes up, but she doesn't have any memory of Hisashi.


Tear-jerking romances in which one member of the couple in explicably falls ill or dies are a dime a dozen in Japanese cinema, so it may come as a breath of fresh air that the sick partner in The 8-Year Engagement actually recovers and lives happily ever after with her love. This is a simple, straightforward film based on the most amazing,complicated of engagements.

12. Her Sketchbook


Masami Konuma (Mugi Kadowaki) has not left her home in 5 years. She is interested in otaku things like reading manga and drawing anime. Her father Eisuke (Makita Sports)has been worried about her and finds her a job that doesn't need much interaction with other people. Her job is debugging games at a gaming company.She also helps with illustrations that Ryotaro Yabe (Takahiro Miura) is in charge of.Eventually, her drawings get noticed and she is tasked with illustrating a character. Meanwhile, Masami Konuma develops feelings for Ryotaro Yabe.

Her Sketchbook is a whimsical slice of life film that follows the adventures of a hikikomori (shut-in) as she bravely steps out of her comfort zone to rejoin society. The talented Mugi Kadowaki (A Double LifeClose-Knit) stars as the adorable Mami in this coming of age film that shines a light on the Japanese phenomenon of hikikomori, people who have chosen to withdraw from society due to social phobia, amongst many reasons.

13. The gift of memory

Toko is a University student whoworks for part-time at a café cum bookstore in Kumamoto. Told by her friendthat her mother was followed by a suspicious man, she comes to see her motherthen witnesses the man. Toko asks Tamaya, the private detective, to be hermother’s body guard.

The film was shot in Kumamoto Prefecture using a crew and cast hailing from the area. The movie raised awareness of Kumamoto Prefecture and its recovery from the terrifying earthquake in April 2016.

Calling all fans of Japanese films in Johor! See you at GSC Paradigm JB Mall from 20th to 23rd September in order to enjoy these unique international films like never before. We hope that audiences will have most memorable experience possible, through a diverse selection of the high-quality of Japanese films for this year too!


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