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HOMElove 生活家具展 | 免SST + 拿不完赢不完的礼品等着你!!

HOMElove 生活家具展 | 免SST + 拿不完赢不完的礼品等着你!!

Posted: Fri Sep 14 2018

“Home is where your heart is”


This phrase is totally right as no matter where you go, your heart will always be there. A serene and comfortable home is made upon loving family members and of course, home décor and furniture.

但是话说回来,要安置一间住起来舒适无比的家,从A – Z还真的是不简单。从设计,到购买,摆设等等的,既耗时又耗力,更耗金钱。加上现在九月份SST的落实,更加加重了中小家庭打造舒适家园的负担。

But, to build a home is never an easy task. It is a time, energy and money consuming task to do. From design to purchase, there area lot to give in. On top of this, the launch of SST is even making this task difficult as more money is needed to purchase furniture and home décor.

在这里小编有好消息要带给大家哦!那就是将在9月21-23日举行的HOMElove生活家具展。这里的商家几乎都是 0% SST,各类型的品牌和产品如家电、家具、家居装潢、翻新与创新点子;室内设计、地砖、墙纸、衣橱、大门与格栅,甚至量身定制的设计与装饰等等都可以在这里找到。换句话说,你不必四处奔波就可以在一个地点找完所有你家居所需的一切!

Right here and right now, I have a good news for everyone! on 21st to 23rd September, HOMElove Home Living Exhibition will be launched at Persada Johor! Almost all of the exhibitors here are 0 % SST. You may find all kinds of home living products here: electronic appliances, furniture, home décor, home décor idea; interior design, flooring, wallpaper, wardrobe, main gate and fence and you may even tailor-made all of these products! In other words, you only have to visit this exhibition to get everything you need for your home!

日期 | Date :9月 21日 至 23日(星期五-日)| 21st to 23rd September(Friday to Sunday)

时间 | Time :11 am – 9 pm

地点 | Venue :Persada Johor (JB) 


Shopping here is such a wonderful thing to do. You may get all the products with the best price in the market, you may even win various kinds of prizes! Let us take a closer look at these!

【登记&赢取】 | 【Register & Win】


幸运抽奖:一部价值RM 6988 Zero U Cooper Ex按摩椅

It is super easy to take part. All you need is just be there, scan the QR code and key in your personal data. The next thing you needto do is just sit back, relax and wait for the good news.

Prize: A RM6988 Zero U Cooper Ex massage chair

【免费礼品】 | 【Free Welcome Gift】




You don’t have to spend a penny to get this.

Just fill up the form and you may get it home! This environmental friendly dining set is limited, first come first serve! 

If you have spent RM1000 and above, please take note!

【现场兑换】 | 【On-The-Spot Redemption】


The more you spend, the better the gift you get! All you have to do is just spend RM1000 and above!

【最佳PWP】 | 【Best PWP】


Spend RM1000 and above and you may get the PWP item with an amazing price! Lowest PWP from RM1!!


【消费&赢取】 | 【Spent & Win Cash Voucher】

总值 RM10 万的现金券待你赢取!你只需消费 RM1000 或以上,便可以参与抽奖,抽得多或少到时就要看你是否收到幸运女神眷恋咯!

You will need a little luck in this. First, you have to spend RM1000 or above, then you may join the lucky draw to win cash vouchers! The total amount of the cash vouchers is RM100K!

最后压轴的,莫过于【最佳回馈】啦! | 【Best Rewards】


This will be the most exciting event of all. If you have joined this lucky draw, please remember to stay tuned at the venue or HOMElove Facebook page on 7 pm. The host will draw the lucky one randomly, and the lucky one must contact the host within 25 seconds! Please remember to have your phone with you all the time or else you might lose the chance to win the grand prize!

抽奖奖品如下 | The grand prizes as below:

星期五 | Friday - King Koil 高级床褥 | King Koil mattress x1

星期六 | Saturday -Sugawa 智能炉 | Sugawa Smart stove x 1

星期日 | Sunday -IZENT 摩登沙发 | IZENT modern sofa x 1

*须符合条规 | Terms & Condition Apply


These absolutely amazing prizes are super easy to win, isn’t it? This is why HOMElove is your must-join event of this month! See you there!

Always Believe something wonderful is happening right now