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Tian Yuan Dessert 甜元糖水小吃店

Tian Yuan Dessert 甜元糖水小吃店

Posted: Thu Sep 25 2014

Food In JB Tian Yuan Dessert 甜元糖水小吃店

There is no better way to cure a hot summer heat with afresh, summery dessert. 
These delicate and cool summer dessert sure to makeyour taste buds dance.
Tian Yuan Dessert House has already established morethan 5 years in
Johor Bahru, Tian Yuan Dessert House offers a wide range of Healthy Hong-Kong Style dessert which include everyone’s favorite 
Tau Suan,Black Glutinous Rice, and the traditional Liu Wei soup.


We believe everyone has some obsession for dessert, Tian Yuan dessert offers every healthy and tasty dessert so that we can fulfil both our taste buds while stay healthy
at the same time. All the dessert actually has different benefits to our body, for example the Red Bean Black Glutinous Rice is one of the best cure for summer heat and
it also boost our body resistance and the ingredient are very high in iron. Another great example is the Pumpkin Sago Dessert, this dessert could lower down high blood pressure, and lower down cholesterol while it also helps in digestion.


There are some very special dessert inside the menu, this special menu are combination of multiple kind of desserts, which are made ​​of sesame paste, peanut paste, almond paste. There is also another kind of special combine on dessert consist of pumpkin, sesame, and black glutinous rice. If you could not make decision of which dessert to eat, this special dessert is the one for you, one price for 3 different kind of taste, and this will be an unforgettable dessert experience.

还有一点蛮特别的是,他的Menu里头,有两道是能够一次过吃到3种甜品的,分别是由芝麻糊、花生糊、杏仁糊组成的偶像团体---三湖通吃,以及由金瓜、芝麻糊和黑糯米组成的实力派团体--- 奇花开放。付一个价钱,能够吃到3种口味,的确蛮划算的。喜欢偶像团体还是实力派团体,那就是你们的选择了。吃着吃着,还真是会让人回味无穷呀!

Tian Yuan Dessert 甜元糖水小吃店
67, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3 , Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai 81300, Johor.

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