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为顾客量身定做的料理 Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant 筑地

为顾客量身定做的料理 Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant 筑地

Posted: Thu Sep 25 2014

【Food In JB】 Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant 筑地

Japanese cuisine has becoming a very common dishes in Malaysia. 
Nowdays, even in Johor Bahru, a good Japanese cuisine is not really hard to find. 
Just when I thought I’ve already tasted all the best Japanese cuisine and sushi, Tsukiji offers a very different perspective across Japanese cuisine.


Tsukiji named after the biggest fish market “Tsukiji Fish Market” in Tokyo, Japan. 
One of the restaurant Japanese director, Mr. Takashi Hara has 40 years of rich experience in bidding fishOne of the specialty of this restaurant is the fresh fishes
that are actually bid from the daily catch at the Tsukiji Market and delivered to the restaurant by air transport.  
All the imported seafood is ensured at veryhigh quality
and is prepare personally by their very own experience and professional Chef Mr Tadashi Yamada from Japan. Mr. Tadashi Yamada has 20 years of rich experience in Japanese Cuisine.

这家餐厅的其中一个Director, Mr Takashi Hara拥有超过40年招标鱼的丰富经验,这也是这里首家通过标鱼的方式,把日本的海产直接空运过来的餐厅。
些海鲜都由经验丰富的日本师傅Mr Tadashi Yamada亲自挑选与处理,Mr Tadashi Yamada也拥有20年日本料理经验,所以绝对是品质保证!

Once step into the restaurant, the impression of this 
simple, and warm lighting creates a very cozy and comfortable ambience. 
Tsukiji main cuisine is none other than Fish. If you are a seafood or a fish fanatic or even just wish to crave on a very fresh seafood, you definitely come to the right place. 
Grab a sit at the chef’s bar and be part of the audience at their open kitchen concept, and get mesmerize by Chef Mr. TadashiYamada’s knife skills.  


Maguro (Bluefin Tuna)

Maguro is also known as the Bluefin Tuna. Normal Japanese restaurant are usually process the maguro using only small part of the fish, 
but at Tsukiji they used up every good part of the maguro like AKAMI (the most common sushi tuna, lean and deep red in color) 
and the TORO (The best part of the Maguro) and this is how they make every Maguro sushi so uniquely perfect.

这间 Tsukiji 餐厅最为人所津津乐道的,就是他们也引以为傲的鲔鱼(Maguro)了,大多数的餐厅只是用鲔鱼的一小部分来做料理,

The way they serve up the dishes makes every diner feels like home. 
The dish is served one by one in order to allow diners to savor every details of the 
food,diners are sure to satisfy their taste buds while indulge in an atmosphere of joy.


Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant 筑地

17, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor

Click here for complete details and location

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