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Posted: Wed Sep 24 2014

【Entertainment In JB】KULIM Eco-TRAIL Retreat

The retreat, overlooking the Johor River, is located within the lush oil palm estate of Ladang Basir Ismail, Kota Tinggi, Johor. It is able to accommodate the needs of tourism and organized group activities. The original building, with the stairs and flooring made of lasting cengal wood, still exists today. The building gives its visitors a mixed sense of old and new, with simple furnishing and basic amenities.

The facade of the building gives a feeling of grandeur and it is an exciting place for groups to organise camps and sporting activities with current facilities that can fit up to 200 guests. It is a retreat that promises an exciting venue for groups and individuals alike. 

Kulim EcoTrail Retreat是由一间在1933年的别墅重新装潢而成,在2012年建成,俯瞰柔佛河畔,拥有非常漂亮的景色。所以你能够看见古今建筑的融合,那真是别有一番风格啊!而且整个地方能够容纳最多200人,绝对是办一些大型活动的最佳场所

JBhappeningKulimEcoTrailRetreat JBhappeningKulimEcoTrailRetreat

The guests will be amazed and enchanted with the unique location, which is barely 50 metres from the Johor River. Due to this unique location, guests can expect cool breeze, serene quietness and lush greenery surrounding the premises.


JBhappeingKulimEcoTrailRetreat JBhappeingKulimEcoTrailRetreat

JBhappeingKulimEcoTrailRetreat JBhappeingKulimEcoTrailRetreat

For those who are more adventurous, the retreat offers Stand Up Paddling (SUP) by the river and mountain biking. During the night, lots of nocturnal animals come out to hunt for food at the plantation, and visits can be organized to enjoy the sight of these unique animals. In addition, the retreat is located near a banana farm and processing plant, where guests can learn how bananas are processed and prepared for export. 



bird watching /banana processing tour /campfire /firefly trip

Banana Processing Tour

The Basir Ismail Estate is planted with hundreds of acres of banana trees ready for harvest and exported under the ‘Montel’ Brand. With that landscape, guests will be required to explore the peak of ‘Banana Hill’ with the help of a map and find their way back. There will be tasks along the way using the ‘banana’ theme for guests to complete in order to make it both fun and educational.

 Bird Watching

Kulim Eco-TRAIL has regular visitors with wings that will rise early in the morning to enjoy the fruits on the trees nearby. Often sighted are Hornbills and Eagles, and many other species of birds that are local and breed along the Johor River.


Is a relaxing activity where Eco-TRAIL will help guest set-up the fire and organize some games (if required). 

Fire Fly Trip

Guests will travel in their own vehicle for boat transfer. The brightly lit fire-flies can be seen along the mangrove trees as guests cruise on the quiet river.

JBhappeingKulimEcoTrailRetreat JBhappeingKulimEcoTrailRetreat

Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

The latest feed in paddle sports, this activity uses surf boards and kayak paddling skills to maneuver along the river. It is also healthy for your body learning and adapting to standing on a moving object for a long period of time. 

JBhappeingKulimEcoTrailRetreat JBhappeingKulimEcoTrailRetreat

X-Cape Room Team Building

is a team-building challenge where guests are required to solve, as a team, puzzles, mystery questions, clues or complete a certain task. All members will be able to participate concurrently. The rooms are filled with puzzles and mystery clues for students to solve. They are given a total of 45 minutes to an hour per room to solve those puzzles to be considered ‘winner’. The X-cape room requires co-ordination, team-work, leadership and patience in order to ‘X-cape’ from the rooms.

特别介绍的游戏是X-Cape Room。这个游戏是通过一些拼图,神秘的问题,线索去慢慢完成一些指定任务,能够在大约45分钟到1个小时间完成的就是赢家了,非常推荐大家可以来玩玩。

JBhappeingKulimEcoTrailRetreat JBhappeingKulimEcoTrailRetreat

Ladang Basir Ismail, K.B. 502, 81909 Kota Tinggi, Johor.

Click here for complete details and location

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