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Posted: Mon Mar 05 2018

CRAB FACTORY 的粉丝们,你们又有口福咯!

CRAB FACTORY’s fans here is your benefit!

就在 2018 年开始,CRAB FACTORY 将陆续推出更多超劲,超美味的菜肴满足顾客们的味蕾哟!

Starting from 2018, CRAB FACTORY will introduce various kinds of superb, scrumptious cuisine for you to satisfy your taste buds!

来到 CRAB FACTORY,肯定少不了螃蟹啦!他们新推出的 CRAB LOVER SHIOK,分量超夯,超多的!一份 CRAB LOVER SHIOK 就足够让2 - 3个人饱肚子。独特的 CRAB LOVER SHIOK,采用的是顶级的螃蟹,加上各种食材以 Signature Southern Bang Sauce 翻炒之后装入大袋子里,再把它倒在桌上让你享用,超特别的!哦,忘了告诉你,CRAB LOVER SHIOK 香料味道超浓郁,超诱人的。如果要享用辣味适中的它,在开动前一定要淋上芝士酱,让辣辣的酱料top上一丝丝的芝士美味。

Talking about CRAB FACTORY, eating crab here is a must. Their latest hotshot CRAB LOVER SHIOK is coming with super big portion - up to 2 - 3 pax. This extraordinary CRAB LOVER SHIOK is using the top quality crabs and fried it together with various kinds of delicious ingredients and of course the soul of CRAB LOVER SHIOK - Signature Southern Bang Sauce. This sauce is having unique and thick spices aroma which is so tempting and appetizing. Its spiciness is in medium level and don’t forget to pour some cheese sauce as topping to level up the tastiness and of course, the stringy cheesy goodness.

除了螃蟹,这里也有帝王虾哦!同样以 Signature Southern Bang Sauce 加上马铃薯和玉米翻炒的肥美帝王虾,鲜美的虾肉中带有让你回味无比的香料香气和一点点的辣味,非常好吃!吃完了,一定要拿炸馒头来点酱料吃,别有一番风味呢!

Other than tasty crabs, there are giant king prawns in the new menu, too. The king prawns just taste too good together with the Signature Southern Bang Sauce and potato and corn. The juicy fat flesh sweetness blend so well with the aroma of the spices and its spiciness. Mmmm~ it is just so irresistible! Oh ya, after you done with the prawns, dipping the fried mantou with the sauce is quite an enjoyable, too.

不吃辣的朋友,可以点 SHELL ON,一道以青蚝和蛤蜊为主食和咸蛋奶油酱炮制而成的美味佳肴。本来就带有鲜味的青蚝和蛤蜊,加上咸蛋和奶油特别的鲜味,咸味和甜味融为一体,是你在外面找不到的顶级平民美食哦!

If you are not fancy of crabs or prawns, what about a SHELL ON for you? Its a cuisine which using mussels and hamaguri clams as main ingredients. The umami taste of it is creating a blast of yumminess by fusing with the saltiness, sweetness, and umami of salted egg and milk cream. It is kind of peasant delicacy which you can’t find it elsewhere!

爱吃海鲜的你,来 CRAB FACTORY 肯定错不了!今天就来试一试吧?

So, seafood lovers, its time to diggin @CRAB FACTORY, don’t you think so?

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