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Posted: Fri Feb 09 2018

农历新年很快就要到咯!趁新的一年到来,CRAB FACTORY特别推出全新的餐点,让客人们可以在新年大饱口福,大快朵颐一番咯!

CNY is coming soon and for that, CRAB FACTORY is now introducing their very new dishes so that customers can try the different flavors in this brand new year.

首先要介绍的,就是大伙们可以拿上手,痛快地大口大口咬着的竹炭汉堡咯!这次的新搞作一共有两样菜色是以汉堡为主的:DOUBLEONG BURGER 和 SALTED EGG SOFTSHELL CRAB BUGER。

First of all, is the burger series that everyone lovin it.The new dishes are the DOUBLE ONG BURGER and SALTED EGG SOFTSHELL CRAB BURGER!

顾名思义,DOUBLE ONG BURGER 就是能够让你在新年旺旺得意的美食哦!DOUBLE ONG BURGER 里面夹着的是一块浓郁香味的奶油鸡腿边肉和香脆无比的油炸软壳蟹,中间再加上一片黄澄澄的旺梨,从外表看来这个汉堡已经是超夸张地高了!一口咬下去的时候,奶油鸡腿边肉和软壳蟹的浓郁奶油香气和甜味,软壳蟹的鲜甜味,旺梨酸酸甜甜的味道,加上那酥脆的口感特别让人上瘾咧!偷偷告诉你,吃 DOUBLE ONG BURGER 一定要配上他们的 Signature Southern Bang Mild Spicy & Cajun Maya 酱,便能把美味度进一步升华哦!

As you can tell from its name, DOUBLE ONG BURGER is the burger that can bring you happiness and prosperity in this New Year. DOUBLE ONGBURGER is kinda stacking high burger by its main ingredients - the sweet and thick aroma buttermilk chicken thigh and the crispy soft shell crab. Together with a piece of sourish and sweet pineapple slice in the middle, it blends the sweetness and aroma of buttermilk chicken thigh, umami, and crispiness of softshell crab so well, which is going to make you addicted with it! Eat this double ONG BURGER together with Signature Southern Bang Mild Spicy and Cajun Maya sauce to double up the flavor and tastiness, try it and you will love it for sure!

还有还有,喜欢咸酥味的朋友们,一定要尝尝他们的SALTED EGG SOFTSHELL CRAB BURGER~这里的咸蛋香酥软壳蟹汉堡是他们以特制的咸蛋酱炮制而成。这个特制的酱料也是用在CRABFACTORY的SEAFOODTABOOR呢!

Besides, if you love something crispy and salty, why not you order CRAB FACTORY SALTED EGG SOFTSHELL CRAB BURGER. The salted egg sauce is specially blended and mixed by CRAB FACTORY and it is being used in their SEAFOODTABOOR, too.

SAMBAL HIJAU SPECIAL,绿色的 sambal 你还没见识过吧?CRAB FACTORY 独创的绿sambal,既辛辣又味道浓烈的SAMBAL HIJAU SPECIAL,配上他们的 NASI WANGI,淡水虾和全鸡腿肉可以说是绝配哦!

Red sambal is too common to be seen at CRAB FACTORY, so they switch it with the revolutionary SAMBAL SPECIAL HIJAU! Its tangy and spiciness taste so incredible together with NASI WANGI, FRESHWATER PRAWN, and WHOLE CHICKEN LEG. Try it for once and you will never forget how scrumptious it is!

Coca - cola 你喝得多了,以 Coca - Cola 特调而成的 Coca- Cola BBQ 酱你又有尝试过么?告诉你哦,这个酱料是小编吃过最的别的酱料呢!口感酸甜,但又不腻的 Coca - Cola BBQ 酱配上 CRAB FACTORY 鲜嫩的完美烧烤羊排就成了他们的招牌菜- PERFECTLY GRILLED LAMB CHOPS IN HOMEMADE COCA-COLA BBQ SAUCE MARINADE咯!来到 CRAB FACTORY 你一定要来尝尝这天堂般美味的人间美食,吃了包你回味无穷呢!

Coca-Cola is a very well-known soft drink. Somehow CRAB FACTORY can always make it so special by blending it into BBQ sauce, creating their very own Coca-Cola BBQ Sauce! The sourness and sweetness are so appetizing, which is so heavenly when it is poured on their PERFECTLY GRILLLAMB CHOPS IN HOMEMADE COCA-COLA BBQ SAUCE MARINADE. The tenderness of lambchop and the flavor of the sauce are going to blast your taste bud and send you to the moon!

看着文章的你还在等什么?赶快到CRAB FACTORY大吃四方吧!

So, what are you waiting for? Eat all you can at CRAB FACTORY right now!

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