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PastaOne | 你一定要试的创新快餐| Your Must – Try Revolutionary Fast Food

PastaOne | 你一定要试的创新快餐| Your Must – Try Revolutionary Fast Food

Posted: Mon Feb 13 2017

PastaOne | 你一定要试的创新快餐


今天要介绍给大家的,可是已经在新山happening接近半年时间,已经有不少上班一族知晓,并且长期光顾的新概念特色快餐。它的名字,就是PastaOne啦!话说回来,PastaOne是新山首家以意大利面为主打的特色快餐店。PastaOne地点位于Senai Centre Point,非常靠近机场,适合上下飞机的朋友,或者在士乃工业区上班的朋友。而它距离Johor Premium Outlet也只需5分钟左右的路程,非常方便!

PastaOne | Your Must – Try Revolutionary Fast Food

For those who are always running out of time, fast food is definitely their first choice during meal time. However, this habit is making them feeling sick at the hamburger and fried chicken, even just by looking at it.

PastaOne is a revolutionary fast food outlet which is already settled down at Johor Bahru for half a year. As you can tell from its name, it is not an ordinary fast food outlet because its main selling point is pasta, which is making so unique and different from any other fast food outlet. For your information, it is the one and only pasta fast food outlet in Johor Bahru, up to date. As for PastaOne location, it is located at Senai Centre Point, which is just a stone distance away from the airport and it is perfect for hungry souls who are rushing for a flight or those who works in the industrial area. PastaOne is also 5 minutes driving distance away from Johor Premium Outlet, isn’t it convenient?







You are totally wrong if you think that PastaOne serves ordinary pasta. Their pasta is well famed for its “international flavor” – the pasta which is cooked by using Japanese culinary style; the sour and spicy tom yam pasta; and nevertheless, the one and only salty egg seafood pasta of Johor Bahru. Salty egg seafood pasta is being invented by the owner himself and you can’t find it elsewhere in Malaysia.

For large appetite individual, don’t you worry a thing about the sauce when you request for pasta add on. This is because PastaOne will add on the sauce for free, just to preserve the original flavor of the scrumptious pasta culinary. Other than pasta, there is crunchy French fries and soda for you to enjoy with, which making PastaOne even closer to a “fast food outlet”.

On top of that, PastaOne has introduced their Emperor Chicken Drumstick Italian Rice on February. The very fragrance Italian Rice and the Emperor Chicken Drumstick with rich herb aroma are just perfect to be matched together in a meal.



除此之外,PastaOne也有提供free wifi 方便顾客们随时随地上网。来到PastaOne消费的顾客们可别忘了把PastaOne的收据交给Metro Parking Station的收费站,以获取1小时免费的停车优惠哦!


As you are entering PastaOne, you will be attracted by its simple yet attractive interior design. In fact, the most interesting part is PastaOne’s open kitchen. Everyone can witness the chefs’ cooking scene live with their own eyes. PastaOne’s serves their meal slower than the international brand fast food because they make the meal upon order. In another hand, this has made PastaOne able to control their tasteful food quality better than anyone else, yet their serving speed is still faster than all of the café out there. You may get your meal within 5 minutes time and 15 minutes is the maximum waiting period.

Besides, PastaOne has free wifi for all of the customers so they can online anytime as they wish to. If you ever have a chance to spend at PastaOne, don’t you forget to show your receipt to the Metro Parking Station reception to obtain your 1-hour free parking privilege.

PastaOne is indeed a revolutionary fast food outlet that you should never miss. Well, action speaks louder than words. Please come and visit PastaOne right now with your friends and devour your taste buds with their heavenly pasta!


Business hour: 11am – 8pm (Mon – Fri); 12pm – 9pm (Sat& Sun)

Address: 23, Jalan Terminal 5, Senai, 81400 Senai, Johor

Google Map: Pasta One

Waze: Pasta One

Facebook: Pasta One

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