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AES | 从选购到安装,您一站式的电器专卖店

AES | 从选购到安装,您一站式的电器专卖店

Posted: Mon Dec 12 2016

AES | 从选购到安装,您一站式的电器专卖店

听到【AES】,千万别只以为它是报章上看到的路控拍摄器哦!这里的AES,是启业于2002年,以电器维修起步的电器维修店。AES的名字是源自于Advance Electronic Service,也就是AES的原身。Advance Electronic Service是于1983年由Mr. Lee Von Chin创办。由于服务周到,电器维修价格廉宜和经营有方,他们慢慢地累积越来越多的长期客户。当初的AES已经慢慢地从一家维修店转型为电器专卖店,让顾客们能够亲身体验他们所卖的高品质电器产品。如今,AES共有3家分行位于Plentong的总行和另外2家位于Nusa BestariMutiara Mas的分行。




Talking about “AES”, don’t you think about the speeding cam of Malaysia. The AES we are talking about is an electrical appliances shop which has been established on 2002. Before that time, AES was a small shop named Advance Electronic Service back in 1983 established by Mr. LeeVon Chin. He had provided customers top quality electrical appliances repairs and services with reasonable price. Together with their excellent customer service, their long term customers were accumulating from time to time. This is why they decided to establish their very first AES, which is the short form of the formal Advance Electronic Service shop and their business started to grow.Right now, there are another 2 branches of AES which located at Nusa Bestar and Mutiara Mas. 


AES is providing one stop electrical appliances sell and purchase service. You may find almost every brand of electrical appliances here. This is actually pretty convenience as you will not have to visit another shop just to compare among brands with the same type of electrical appliances.


AES,您将获得非一般的专业服务。倘若您在众多电器品牌中无从下手,他们专业的服务员可以依据您的需求,预算等等的因素提供您很好的意见与电器的正确使用和保养方法。例如:您刚买了一间新家,想买电器,您只需把家中格局的尺寸,个人喜好和要求告诉服务员,他们就能介绍您应该先买什么样的电器,以及什么电器应该暂缓购买。AES也有提供银行分期付款服务,让刚买新家或经济状况有限的您可以避免在短时间之内支付过多的现金。担心电器在短期之内损坏而需要附上昂贵维修费的您更是可以附加费用,以获取extend warranty,在延长的期限内非人为因素损坏的电器都可以免费维修。

At AES, what you can get is the extraordinary professional service. If you can’t make up your mind about which brand to be chosen, their professional attendee will be there to provide the helpful advice according to your need, budget and so on. They will educate you about the correct way to use and maintain your electrical appliances too. Imagine how convenient it is when you just bought a new house and what you have to do is just inform them about your space dimension and your personal preferences, then they will advise you properly about which core electrical appliances you will have to buy first and later. In fact, their bank installment is pretty good for those who are having the limited budget so that everyone can afford to buy the electrical appliances of their need. If you are worried about the limited warranty period of your electrical appliance, you may obtain extend the warranty by just paying a few hundred Ringgit extra.


Other than that, AES is having water filter department,which is pretty rare to find in any other electrical appliances store. This is indeed beneficial for public as they can find quality water filter with reasonable price here. However, the owner of AES has told us frankly that their water filter department still has some improvements to be made to serve their customers better.


更让人眼前一亮的是,AES到目前依然很专注在他们的Online Marketing服务。而且顾客们在网上有更多的机会可以享有优惠,在网络以比市场更低廉的价格购买电器。而且他们的售后服务都非常的完善,只要是有任何疑问他们都会第一时间回复顾客,让顾客们放心。此外,只要是在AES购买电器,无论是在网络或店面,他们都会遣派技术人员前来帮顾客安装电器,让您没有后顾之忧。值得一提的是,AES的电器运送是完全免费的哦!和其他电器店不同的是,他们不但包送新山的每一个角落,甚至是附近的州属,如马六甲也有免费电器载送服务哦!



Even though AES has established their shops, they arestill very emphasizing on their online marketing service. The most exciting part about AES online is about their incredible debate on selected item, evenbetter than its market price. Another remarkable thing about AES is they doprovide free delivery service to every corner of Johor Bahru, even to othernearby states such as Malacca. Their professional technicians will be there toinstall the electrical appliances for you personally without any charge, veryconvenient doesn’t it?

Well, I believe that my narration solely isinsufficient for you to know how good AES is. If you have chance, please dovisit the AES near to your neighborhood and feel the very unique shopping experienceof AES! 

shop's name: aes electrical superstore

shop's contact: 
07-3577540 (plentong)
07-5701540 (nusa bestari)
07-5500212 (taman mutiara mas)

4, jln mutiara 4, tmn perindustrian plentong, plentong (plentong)
61-63G, jln bestari 12/2, tmn nusa bestari, 81300, skudai (nusa bestari)
61&63, jln mutiara 1/2, tmn mutiara mas, 81300 skudai (taman mutiara mas)

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