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Gromutual : 现在是诚信时代,失去信誉的将会被淘汰。

Gromutual : 现在是诚信时代,失去信誉的将会被淘汰。

Posted: Sat Oct 08 2016

GROMUTUAL一直都秉持着 [信誉 品质 诚信来面对每位顾客及进行每项项目。




现状则拥有多达10个项目正在进行中,PONTIAN(Taman Rakyat),BATU PAHAT(Taman Harmoni), KULAI(Taman Kulai Indah), AYER HITAM Industrial Park, Tropika Industrial Park, PARIT RAJA, JOHOR 备受瞩目的AUSTIN18位于 MOUNT AUSTIN 为当前重量级项目。



Jack Ma once said: reliability is the key to success and those untrustworthy will be eliminated.


Since their establishment, GROMUTUAL always believes in reliability, quality and trustworthy are the factors for them to be success in long run.


During their early years, GROMUTUAL adapted joint venture with landlords, such as developing their lands into shop lots, houses and student hostels. Ever since public listed on year 2005, the company have sinced focus intensively on industrial and luxury residential projects till to date.


GROMUTUAL have their highly professional team well versed in property development at Johor Bahru and Malacca. Currently, there are more than 10 on-going projects. Among all of these projects, Austin 18 is the most highly – anticipated project.



Austin18 吸引之处在于它给予人更为舒适,不受拘束且在工作与休闲之间达成平衡 的工作环境。其实这类型的办公楼在外国极为普偏。世界巨头GOOGLEFACEBOOK的办公地点就是最好的例子,他们甚至把办公地点转变成休闲玩乐的地区。科学研究显示,适当的玩乐与休闲对脑部的思维,创意及工作效率都有很大帮助。换句话说,当生活与工作取得完美的平衡时,工作效率自然也会提高。





除此之外,Austin18最值得投资的观点则是它最佳美的地段,位于Iskandar区,除了坐落于主要高速公路的交错点(EDL North-South Highay, Pasir Gudang Highway)之外,附近的休闲场所:Austin Heights高尔夫球场,Austin Heights水上乐园,基本设施:Aeon, Tesco, Giant, IkeaSunway College等。


Up to date, Austin 18 is the one and only business versatile suite project in Malaysia. The most exciting part about Austin 18 is its lifestyle office. Working in Austin 18’s office is just like working in your very own boundary and territory, whereby you are going to feel so comfortable, relaxing and carefree. Such office is very popular in foreign country, such as the Google and Facebook, they even turned their office into recreational play ground! According to research, work – life balance is very crucial to increase one’s creativity and work efficiency. In other words, your employees are actually smarter when they are relaxed.


Austin 18’s style is very suitable for younger generation, who would like to start off venture without being limited and constrained in office. This statement is proven by Austin 18 popularity as 70% of the units have already being sold within very short period of time. Austin 18 is a skyscraper with 24th floor and 306 units – total 8 units of food and beverage area at ground floor (western cuisine, modern Chinese cuisine, juice, bakery and café); parking lots at 1st and 6th floor, recreational zone at 7th floor which includes gym and swimming pool while the rest are consisted of office area.


There are 3 meeting rooms at Austin 18 – large scale conference room, seminar room and lifestyle meeting room. Lifestyle meeting room is unique as it doesn’t have the conventional meeting tables and chairs, but the facilities and interior to make you relax and boost up your creativity.


On top of that, the most worthy part of Austin 18 is its strategic location. Firstly, it is located at Iskandar. Secondly, it is in the middle of EDL North-South Highway and Pasir Gudang Highway intersection. Thirdly, the basic facilities and infrastructure of this area is very convenient. For example: Austin Height Golf Resort, Austin Heights Water park, Sunway College, Foon Yew High school, Aeon, Tesco, Giant, Shell and Petronas petrol station are just minutes distance away from Austin 18.


除了Austin18, GROMUTUAL其他产业例如住宅区,工业区等都受到民众和商家的青睐,主要是因为大众化价格,不容置疑的建设品质。


Other than Austin 18, GROMUTUAL has other property development too. Such as residential area (Taman Kulai Indah, Taman Harmoni etc.), business and industrial area (Ayer Hitam Industrial Park and Tropika Industrial Park) and many more. All of these projects are very popular among public and entrepreneur for its reasonable price, which is very affordable by middle income family and entrepreneur with limited modal. Even though the price is lower than many of the developer, there is no doubt that GROMUTUAL’s projects are all quality assured and geographically strategic.


And now, don’t you think that GROMUTUAL is a great partner to work with?

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