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踏出你完美身材的第一步!STEP 1 FITNESS

踏出你完美身材的第一步!STEP 1 FITNESS

Posted: Tue Sep 06 2016

踏出你完美身材的第一步!STEP 1 FITNESS

Have you ever looking yourself in the mirror and realize that your body’s shape has changed so much since the very last time you look at it? In fact, shape change is only the beginning and what makes us worry the most are the diseases that follow afterward.

STEP 1 FITNESS是一间营业了3年的运动健身房。客源已经逐渐上轨道的STEP 1 FITNESS如今已经有3间分店,分别坐落于Taman Rinting,Mutiara Mas和Impian Emas。

STEP 1 FITNESS is a workout studio which has already established for 3 years. As the customers are ever increasing, STEP 1 FITNESS is now having 3 branches which located at Taman Rinting,Mutiara Mas and Impian Emas.

这里的Studio基本上容纳的下15-20人,面积相当宽敞。里面更是拥有完善的健身设备,而且设备都维持得非常完好。其实,STEP 1 FITNESS最吸引人的,依然是它的男性与女性私人教练(personal trainer)。这里的教练都通过非常专业的训练,性格外向的他们更是能够给予你良好服务的同时,让你轻松欢乐,有说有笑地度过锻炼的时光。每间STEP 1 FITNESS平均拥有2-3个trainer,每个平均有3-5年的经验。

Their studio is able to fit from 15-20 persons. It is quite spacious and equipped with complete workout facilities. All of the equipments are well maintained. In fact, the most interesting thing about STEP 1 FITNESS is it personal trainers. There are male and female personal trainers. All of them are trained professionally. The trainers are very outgoing type of person so they can make your workout session as delightful as possible. Each STEP 1 FITNESS branch is having 2 – 3 trainers with the experience of 3 – 5 years.

STEP 1 FITNESS的私人教练服务,非常适合那些没有运动底,却急迫想要看到效果的人群。他们将提供你“以最简单简短的方式,得到你想要的身体曲线”—人鱼线,马甲线更是不在话下。此外,想要改善身体部位疼痛的群众,也可以通过私人教练的教导中,强化部分肌肉,减少关节承受的压力并降低疼痛感。STEP 1 FITNESS 能向大众承诺的是,这里的教法都非常的专业和有纪律性。学员们除了可以得到专业的训练之外,也能在积极训练中避免运动伤害和拉伤。

STEP 1 FITNESS trainers is very suitable for those who never exercise but wish to deserve instant workout effect because they are able to provide you so called “workout shortcut” so you can achieve the body shape you want in the shortest period. For those who are experiencing joint pain (knee, waist), they workout sessions are effective in increasing partial muscle tone to reduce the weight pressure toward the injured joint, which in turn reducing the pain effectively. STEP 1 FITNESS’s training is very professional and discipline so that the students are able to avoid sport injuries.

除了私人教练服务,这里也有其他的课程,如zumba,k-pop x (aerobic及body toning的结合运动,以简单的动作及舞蹈锻炼身体肌肉和肺活量),yoga,瘦身课程,piloxing(pilates,boxing及dance结合的运动)。

Other than personal training, there are others courses, too. For example: zumba, k-pop x (the combination of aerobic and body toning that use dancing and simple movement to increase muscle tone and lung oxygen saturation), yoga, slimming lesson, piloxing (fusion of polates, boxing and dance).

STEP 1 FITNESS也有售卖protein,让那些想要增加肌肉饱和度的人们可以购买价格合理,而且效果显著的protein。前来运动的人们更是不用担心没有地方收纳自己的私人用品,因为他们有准备充足的容纳柜给顾客放重要的物品。

Protein is available at STEP 1 FITNESS, too. The customers that which to increase muscle tone with reasonable price and result promising protein, STEP 1 FITNESS is always your first choice. Besides, you will have no worries at all about your personal belonging when you workout at STEP 1 FITNESS because they are providing personal locker so that all of your things can be well kept here.

还在为自己找着借口不运动吗?快来STEP 1 FITNESS踏出你运动生涯的第一步吧!

Are you still making excuses for not exercising? Come forth to STEP 1 FITNESS and make your very first move!

Operation hours: 7am – 11.30pm
Taman Rinting: 31-01, 33-01, 35-01, Jalan Sena 2, Taman Rinting, 81750, Johor Bahru.
Impian Emas: 109A, Jalan Anggerik Emas 1, Taman Jalan Anggerik Emas, 81200 Johor Bahru.
Taman Mutiara Mas: 71A, Jalan Mutiara 1/9, Taman Mutiara Mas Branch, 81300 Skudai..

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