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Kang Bee Hong Kang Bee Hong Kang Bee Hong Kang Bee Hong Kang Bee Hong Kang Bee Hong Kang Bee Hong Kang Bee Hong Kang Bee Hong
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Posted: Mon Oct 31 2016

炯炯炭火的人间美味 | 慷美峰炭火烧腊鸡饭小厨




但是,当初的【美峰】又是怎么样演变成【慷美峰】呢?原来,【美峰】是23年前由【慷美峰】创办人的舅舅成立的。【慷美峰】的老板,当年12岁开始在舅舅的档口打工作part time。年迈的舅舅打算退休之后,【慷美峰】的老板觉得这人间美食就从此失传是非常地可惜,所以经舅舅同意之后接手【美峰】,并把它改名为【慷美峰】。


随着市场需求不断地增加和变迁,【慷美峰】也在短短几年之内,一共创办了4间分店,分别位于TunAminahNusa BestariTaman PerlingMount Austin,如今更是开办了Taman Daya的分店,并以烧腊鸡饭专卖店,推陈出新的方式营业。在这里,有的是高品质且大众化的食物。烧鸡,叉烧,烧肉的原料都是批发商半夜新鲜送去厨房,由师傅亲自处理之后再慢火碳烤,才送到顾客的面前。




他们的黄金脆皮烧鸡,有着脆脆的外皮和细腻的肉质,一口咬下去还可以吃到肉汁的鲜味呢!另一个广受顾客喜爱的,就是他们的蜜汁碳香叉烧啦!精挑细选之下的半肥瘦肉,经过高温的慢火炭烤,能在不失去水分的情况下保持叉烧的口感。这也是为什么,【慷美峰】的叉烧可以入口即化,并且齿颊留香的口感。这里的自制酱料,搭配上烧腊简直是绝配,把烧腊的美味推上了更高的一个层次!皮薄馅多的鲜虾云吞,水饺,都是由【慷美峰】自制的。此外,这里的泰式黄金豆腐和ice kacang饮料也是挺受一家大小所欢迎的。






For those who are born around 70’s or 80’s and living in JohorBahru, you should be familiar with BEE HONG -- thefamous local Hainamese chicken rice at TunAminah.


For your information, BEE HONGisactually the original form of KANG BEE HONGand it isestablished around 23 years ago. At the age of 12, the owner is working as parttimer for his uncle, the founder ofBEE HONG.  Due to his uncle’s old age, the founder haddecided to retire and passed the ownership to KANG BEEHONG’sowner. This is when the BEE HONG’s namehas changed into KANGBEE HONG.


As the market demand is changing and increasing, KANG BEEHONGhasestablished another 4 branches which located at Nusa Bestari, Taman Perling,Mount Austin and Taman Daya. He has even changed the business mode intoroasting meat exclusive shop. For this, more high quality and widely acceptablefoods are now available here. During midnight, suppliers will have to send thefresh ingredients of roasted chicken, roasted char siew and roasted pork to centrekitchen. It is then being processed by skillful chef and roasted over slowcharcoal fire before they serve it to customers.


By doing so, all of the roasted stuff here are so crunchy outsideand tender inside. Its juiciness and aroma is so irresistible which make youcan’t stop eating after the first bite. Besides, the benefit of centralize foodprocessing is that the quality of the roasted stuff can be strictly controlledand supervised. This is why you may get to taste the scrumptious roasted stuffwith equal quality and taste no matter which branches of KANG BEEHONGyougo.


KANGBEE HONG’sroasted chicken is the most popular cuisine. The chicken skin and fat has beenroasted into thin and slight crunchy layer. Unlike most of the roasted chicken withdried inner flesh, KANG BEE HONGroastedchicken is so soft that you may taste the juiciness on every bite. Roasted porkis another famous food here. The strictly chosen 50 – 50 flesh and fat pork isbeing roasted on high temperature slow charcoal fire. It is very different fromoven or stove roast because charcoal fire is able to maximize the crunchinessof the outer skin while retaining the moisture and texture of inner flesh. Thisis why KANGBEE HONGcharsiew will melt in your mouth and leave irresistible aroma in your oral cavity.Together with the self – made sauce, the roasting meat tastes so heavenly,remarkably enhance the tastefulness of roasting meat. Besides, the fresh shrimpwantan and dumpling are all self – made so that the customers will never getbored with its thin outer layer and fleshy content. The sour – sweet and crispyThai Style Crispy Tofu and sweet ice kacang are very popular here, too.


Start to fee mouth watery and eager to give KANG BEEHONGabite?  Well, stop holding yourself backand visit the nearby KANG BEE HONGnow!




















Facebook: www.facebook.com/kangbeehong1993



TunAminah: 0124, Block 134, TamanUngkuTunAminah, 81300 Skudai, Johor.

Tel: 011 – 33052819


Nusa Bestari: 129, JalanBestari 1/5,Taman Nusa Bestari, 81300 Skudai, Johor.

Tel: 07 – 5625340


Taman Perling: 527, JalanPersisiranPerling, Taman Perling, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Tel: 07 – 2446429

Mount Austin: 107, JalanMutiaraEmas10/19, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor. Tel: 07 – 2895429

Taman daya :22, Jalan Pinang 42, Tmn Daya,81100 JB.

Tel07-287 2522

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