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Mookata Thai BBQ



Mookata Thai BBQ Mookata Thai BBQ Mookata Thai BBQ Mookata Thai BBQ Mookata Thai BBQ Mookata Thai BBQ Mookata Thai BBQ
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Posted: Wed Apr 15 2015

超赞Mookata!泰式火锅烧烤  打造美食新享受

最近的Mount Austin是越来越热闹了,新颖的Café是越开越多间,小编都去不及了,今天要向大家介绍的这间餐厅却让小编留下深刻印象,他的名字有点独特,叫做Mookata,想必大家一定很好奇,这究竟是

烧烤结合火锅 美味感官新体验

吃法别出心裁 精华汤头让人难忘


复古风味装潢 带出餐厅原始特色


美食集体回忆 让人深深铭记于心


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mookata Thai BBQ

The fusion of steamboat and BBQ, to the extraordinary enjoyment ofyour senses

The word Mookata came from Thai language, which means “pork” and “skillet”.This extraordinary dish comes from
 North Thai, which combine steamboat and BBQ in one. Frankly, I am abit hesitating to try it at first, even with so 
many good comments about this dish. Because it is way not normal tocombine steamboat and BBQ! However, 
after my first bite, I was thinking like: Oh gosh! How can this funnything taste better than the ordinary steamboat?!

Ok, that’s not the one and only thing which looks weird in Mookata. Even the skillet itself – it looks like a helmet.There is an 
explanation for this phenomenon: Long time ago, the starving soldiers fromChiang Mai were having hard time in food 
preparation as they had no apparatus to do the cooking. Somehow few ofthem came out with the idea that they could 
use their helmet to grill the meat. Thanks to the starving soldiers withtheir wonderful ideas, otherwise we will 
have no chance to taste this yummy food today.

Special way of eating and the unforgettable soup essence

You must be wondering why the word “pork” is being included in Mookata.Actually, the very first step of eating Mookata is to
put the pork fat on it so the fat can melt and spread around. As comparedto butter, pork fat is much aromatic as well as 
bringing out the succulent taste of foods.

Beneath the Mookata, there is a “drain”surrounding the pan. It function is to collect the juice released by thefood during the 
BBQ process. Together with varieties of foodsprovided, this juice has added on the soup essence with rich flavor and 
created the taste that you cannever resist!

Mookata ThaiBBQ Goes original with old world

Another thing to mention is the old world internal design of this restaurant.The wooden furniture is making the environment 
so simple and pleasant, which further encouraging you to pick up a fewmore food to eat.

Hearty meal that you will neverforget

Gorgeous foods alone are not enough to define Mookata. The most crucial elementhere is the sense of togetherness when the customers are having ameal together with their friends or family. On that moment, everyone is soclose to each other that they are helping each other to prepare thefood or picking up the food. You can sense that there is no longer the differenceof me and you around that dining table.
I love being here and I love the natural feelingit gave to me. It makes me feel that I am staying in somewhere I familiar with– my home. Mookata, I shall see you again in near future.

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37 jalan austin height 8/8 taman mount austin jb
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Operation Hour:
dinner 5pm to 1am

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