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Posted: Mon Sep 17 2018

1. Townhall at Me Books Nooks, Johor

Townhall at Me Books Nooks, Johor

Let your kids immerse themselves in a unique Virtual Reality experience that they get to create on their own through the magic of coding.

No computer experience or coding is necessary -even absolute beginners will be able to learn simple coding and get to progress to more advanced coding skills.

Click here for more details!

2. Dawn Ultra Marathon Malaysia

Celebrate EduCity Dusk to Dawn Ultra Marathon Malaysia this November! Click here for more details.

3. GBS Iskandar Frost The Trail 2018

Frost the Trail 2018 promises the same fun and fresh air as the previous 3 editions, with a 5km team race and a 10 km individual run for the competitive and recreational runner! Click here for more details!



Don't miss out the balloon run this 16th! Participate and get unlimited entitlements. Make your body fit in a jolly way! Click here for more details!

5. Aki Matsuri

Aki Matsuri

Aki Matsuri, the other name for Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in Japan to be thankful for a good harvest and to pray for the well-being of each family in the community. 

Aki Matsuri concept is celebrated with dance and music performances during the Obon (festival) which involves a group of dancers lining up around a stage called Yagura while the singers and musicians play the music. 

In this Aki Matsuri Autumn Festival, it aims to give everyone opportunity to experience the celebration and to enjoy the Japanese Cuisine.

Click here for more details!

6. A.I.CKATHON 2018: Fashion AI Hackathon Southeast Asia

The A.I.CKATHON is a first-of-its-kind AI Hackathon in Malaysia, with the ambition to reap and share the power of AI technologies with the decentralized student community.

Get involved and you will be joining hackers, product developers, marketers, and business innovators in creating a new wave of AI product that could the way humans live our life

In 48 hours, participants will discover, discuss and solve the problems in the fashion industry by using AI technology.

Click here for more details!

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